On The Go: What’s The Best Bag For Your Lifestyle?

The average woman has a closet stuffed with bags: leather purses, canvas totes, big beach bags, and tiny clutches, each with its own purpose, yet most used infrequently. Rather, these bag collections exist at the fringes, with most women choosing the same bag or two for daily use. Why, then, do we have so many?

Having a wide selection of bags makes women feel prepared for any occasion, preventing that pre-event dash to the shops to find a bag that matches the outfit and occasion. This is a real concern, but most women could still substantially downsize our bag collections as long as we can identify a core style to support our lifestyles. Take a look at these 3 bag styles – one of which is almost certain to suit your daily needs.

The Errand Bag

One of the most important considerations when selecting a handbag is choosing one that’s the right size. Choose too small of a bag, such as a clutch, and you’re unlikely to use it much, but choose an overly large bag and you’ll find yourself digging through junk in an attempt to find your walled. If you’re primarily looking for a bag to carry on errands like going to the grocery store, consider a mini handbag, which splits to difference, providing enough space for your everyday carry but not so much that you end up carrying extra items that have gone lost in the pockets.

The Work Bag

A small bag is great for popping out of the house on a brief errand, but for the urban woman commuting to work, perhaps carrying a laptop, files, or a novel to read on the subway, they’re not quite enough. That’s because a great work bag needs to be more spacious, and easy to carry, even when you’re in a hurry, which is why most women opt for a stylish leather backpack or crossbody bag with a laptop pocket for such activities. You can even swap between the same bag in different sizes, such as a mini crossbody tote for days you only need the basics and a scaled-up version for days you need more room.

The Frequent Flier

Traveling – at least the part involving lines and security, planes and other cramped quarters – isn’t always the most comfortable experience, but for dedicated travelers, the destination is worth it. So, what kind of bag will most effectively help you transition between transit and exploring new locales?

The best travel bags are somewhere between the mini bag designed for errands and the bulkier crossbody designed for work, typically midsize shoulder bags with room for a phone and wallet, as well a map and camera and a few small souvenirs. Most frequent travelers also prefer bags with zippers or other security features, since it’s harder to keep track of your things when your immersed in new, exciting surrounding.

Some women love swapping out their bags, exploring different colors, styles, and sizes, but if you prefer to keep things simple, it’s easy to narrow down your bag collection. The key is just to notice your habits and evaluate your daily activities. You’ll quickly get a sense of what kind of bag is best suited to your needs.

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