7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Wearing Tote Bags

With designers pushing towards minimalism, tote bags are increasing in popularity.  Well, bags are the one area where women get to combine practical, functional design with style and statement. Tote bags are the swiss-army knife of the bag world – multi-purposed, stylish, and eco-friendly. Let’s see what makes tote bags so awesome that you should get one – or even better more than just one – right now!

1. They Can Be Used for Any Occasion

Designer bags are not cost-efficient and not very attainable when it comes to stocking up. The easiest solution when it comes to being affordable, efficient and stylish are tote bags. While they are very functional, they are also fashionable and available in a wide variety or quality like leather or as canvas tote bags.

Whether you are planning a quick shopping trip or going out for the evening to dinner, there are tote bags of different styles to fit the occasion. Being affordable and versatile comes in handy for women wanting to save money but still be a fashionista.

2. Long-Lasting and Reusable Bags

If tote bags are taken proper care of, they can last for years if made of the right material. That is to the advantage of cotton or leather bags over plastic bags that don’t last. Fabric tote bags guarantee durability and withstand more weight.

Owning a tote bag has the advantage of their being re-usable. Tote bags are not made for anything specific, so you’re able to use them for hefty trips, casual dinner dates or work-related reasons. In a way, they’re so generic that they’re perfect.

3. They Hold All Your Essentials

Tote bags are known for their larger size and for being very roomy. Being spacious shows their usefulness in being able to hold loads of essentials for any purpose needed.

They can hold anything you may need throughout the day, ranging from your laptop and notebooks for work to your towels and sunscreen when going to the beach. Tote bags also, because of their large size, allow for your stuff to not be so cluttered and easily findable.

4. Amazing Travel Bags

Tote bags, other than being a fashionable statement, transitions well from when you need an all-nighter bag to a day bag while traveling. They are perfect for short-distance trips, or a weekend away to visit friends and family.

When traveling long distances, this bag is suitable for packing in your luggage. They compensate for the purses or backpacks you would be carrying with you that take up more space the needed. Tote bags are very packable and fit in small areas, so they save possible expenses when flying.

5. Variation Is Essential

Tote bags are available in different types of materials like fabric, canvas, and leather with different patterns and designs. The options are endless when it comes to tote bags in the color, size or shape that you want.

You can shop them in bulk in different colors to match your outfits, occasion or personality. This way you don’t have to run out of stylish, matching purses for the year.

6. Easy to Take Care for

If you use cotton and canvas bags, they are very easy to care for because they are washable. In the chance of your tote bag getting grime and stains on them, use your stain removing products and either hand or gently machine wash.

After washing and drying them outside in the fresh air, you get a nice fresh smell as a result, and they regain their texture and shape. You can even iron cotton tote bags so you can keep them neat and gorgeous for even longer.

7. Style It Up

When it comes to styling up your tote bags, the options are endless in making a fashion statement. Sew some scrap cloth on to give it a bold flair or decorate it with keychain charms to turn it into your personal look.
Pairing your newly designed tote bag with an outfit that matches your personality will help your style stand out and boost your confidence in the process.

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