Booming Tech Careers for 2019

Is there anyone who is going to deny nowadays that women can tackle tech jobs as well as the bearded-and-bespectacled species? And, incidentally, draw a decent salary. Even for those who are currently sitting pretty, it will be gratifying to know that there are professions that are on the rise, a wagon to board and get carried away. Though you don’t actually feel like it, you may want to run your eye over the prospects. Yes, cybersecurity, software design and stuff like that have not lost momentum and are hardly going to. So what are the fattest pieces of cake?

Cybersecurity engineers

No matter what they do, they want to keep it secret, right? And people continue to get paid for ensuring the leakage-proof functioning. Those working on the simplest level of the business receive around $100,000 – and if you are a security wizard, you may get twice the sum. Plus the boundless gratitude of everyone engaged in IoT.

IoT specialists

While we are at it, all IoT specialists feel fine. There’s a lot to choose from: you can specialize in enterprise integration, devices, connectivity, cloud analytics, platforms, and DevOps, and better still, at a few of them. Salarywise, it will be half of what security fellows draw, but it may be worth your while with a vengeance.

Database scientists

These guys have been enjoying the Glassdoor rating of Number One best job in the US for years in a row, and with businesses’ databases ceaselessly growing, experts can be sure they will go on earning their wad – which comes a bit lower than cybersecurity engineers’, but just a bit. You just have to keep things in order.

Software engineers

If you are handy with programming languages and have the required hands-on technical skills, mind that software engineering jobs are very much in demand. Those whose cups of teas are coding, improving and squashing bugs can rise above $100,000 – and how high above depends on your abilities and luck solely.

Business analysts

True, business intelligence analysts have to wield a lot of experience in analytics and computer science as well. Further on the line, they have to gain a deep understanding of the business’ data needs and put them across to stakeholders, so your verbal abilities have to be well above average. For that, you will be proud of your prowess, earn the appreciation of your superiors and get something from $100,000 up to $170,000.

AI computer vision engineers

Since artificial intelligence and machine learning sphere is growing fast, there is a dearth of specialists. There are scopes for optimizing that employers are well aware of, and experienced women (and men) can find themselves pocketing $200,000 and more for those who were born with the knack.

Blockchain developers

There are enough jobs with Blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies, and they are supposed to be growing up to over $3 trillion business value within the next decade. While cryptocurrencies dropped some, the market is in for developing and people who can create decentralized applications will find their careers shaping and their salaries mounting from the current average of about $160,000.

DevOps engineers

Since DevOps mean a faster and more efficient code deployment, companies tend to look for DevOps-experienced engineers who are able not only to manage but to simplify business processes with a fine prospect of improving things beyond belief. It’s quite normal for a DevOps engineer to rise above the $100,000 salary level and hope for more with growing experience.

Network and system administrators

These specialists may be well down the list with fewer chances to get more than $100,000, yet they are still in demand. Troubleshooting, especially combined with the willingness to be available all round the clock, and good communication alongside diagnostic genius will set you up as the one who helps the business run smoothly. What more can top managers hope for?

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