Ways to Make Your New Colleagues Like You

It is not easy to join new staff members, especially if you keep a balance between career achievements and personal life. But since you have to become a part of the new team, you can try some simple ways to get along well with your colleagues and focus on the common result.

1. Bake something nice

The key to the heart of many people is sweets and bakery. Cupcakes, ginger cookies, wafers, and any small delicacy will help you make friends with people. When the food appears in the office, the entire staff flocks to one table. It is a great way to gather everyone, get acquainted with everyone and get distracted for 5 minutes from your duties. Make sure that the treatment does not smell too much and that it is convenient to eat with hands. For the same purpose, simple fruits, such as small nectarines or grapes and canapés or antipasti snacks are perfect. Yet, you should not bake a big cake with lots of creams that will give the impression that you are trying too hard to please everyone.

2. Choose an image

Someone can stick to a strict dress code, somewhere an office style has developed, and in some working communities, it is absolutely normal to wear sports clothes. Pay attention to what style your colleagues prefer and choose the image that will mix well with the new office. You should not imitate someone else’s image, copying all the details and forgetting about your own style.

3. Coffee for the neighbor

There must be several institutions near your office where you can buy takeaway coffee. If you have a break, ask your colleagues what kind of coffee they want. Thus you will help people with their craving for caffeine and will also help them not to be distracted from their tasks. In addition, the feeling of gratitude will certainly lead to reciprocal favor. However, you should not collect a lot of orders, confuse them with each other and still try to look like an obliging waitress.

4. Share a personal story

Nothing will melt the ice between you better than an awkward situation in which you once happened to be involved. Share a story about your previous work experience, for example, about an amusing case with one regular customer. Show that you trust them with a serious secret because you want to be open. You should not tell about the previous boss’s affair with a subordinate or share corporate secrets.

5. Send memes

If you can make someone smile for at least a couple of minutes, it will greatly improve your relationship with this person. Maybe it’s trite, but if you have a good sense of humor, you can send funny screenshots or gifs to common chat rooms. Take care not to accidentally spend most of your free time on jokes – you were not hired as a professional “mood maker”. In addition, if you discuss a new treaty, a video with a singing parrot will make everyone doubt your adequacy. Do not forget to pay attention to hints: some people do not know how to do this and continue sending something that absolutely no one laughs at.

6. Quote a popular show

A risky step – not everyone can understand the allusion. But if it works, you will find those who share your interests among your colleagues. Simple phrases like “Winter is coming” or “Elevator is not worthy” will make the difficult task of finding the fans of popular sagas simpler. You will find someone to discuss a film, and there will certainly be new topics to talk about.