9 Things You Keep Storing at Home But Should Get Rid of

Every time when it comes to large-scale cleaning, you turn into a lazy person and an avid collector. What should you leave and what will you get rid of? Where is the guarantee that this thing will not come in handy in the future? Will you gain enough weight to wear the jeans a size larger after you have bought them by mistake? Maybe you just need to fold these things nicely and hide behind the closet?

We suggest arranging “ridding days” every month to prevent trash from taking the place in your apartment. Do not forget that disorder increases the time of searching for anything greatly and negatively affects your mental state. You will need a firm determination to withstand nostalgia, as well as a clear plan that we have already taken care of. Here are the things that you need to get rid of regularly.

1. Old magazines

Get rid of the old magazines, even if “they are glossy” and “they are beautiful”. Admit honestly that you will never become so bored as to sit down and re-read them. If these are high-quality publications, donate them to the institutions where people need to wait, or to a library. If the magazines contain a super-useful article, which you clearly need in your life, take a picture of it and save it on the computer. Those who love to save articles and beautiful pictures should have a separate folder for them. They will take less space than a stack of waste paper. In any case, you can put a few magazines in a folder in the toilet… But the rest of them should be thrown away.

2. Receipts, invoices and documents

Look through the checks for the things you do not plan to return, warranty cards for goods that have expired. If you are afraid that one day you will have to prove that you have paid for your conveniences during the past six months, scan the receipts and keep them on the computer.

3. Clothes

Use the rule of two years: if you have not worn a thing for two years, get rid of it. Sell it online or find someone to donate it.

4. Books

Conduct an audit of the home library. If you could not finish reading or you did, but you do not plan to return to the book, say goodbye to it. There are so many opportunities for exchanging or getting rid of books – from street libraries to literature websites.

5. Medications

It’s not just about finding free time, but about your health: monitor the expiration date of medicines and vitamins. There will be no time to check whether the pills are suitable for diarrhea at a critical moment. Do not forget to pay attention to the instructions for drug disposal.

6. Makeup and perfumery

Makeup products also have a shelf life, although few people pay attention to such a trifle. Empty the shelves, the bag and the pockets of your jacket from old or unsuitable nail polishes, powders and lipsticks. Sometimes cosmetic brands offer promotions for the exchange of old cosmetics or used containers. MAS and Zoya launched similar projects in relation to Earth Day: they gave lipstick of any color for free for six empty containers from the used products of these brands.

7. Jewelry

Look through your fake jewelry and decide what should be repaired, what can be worn, and what has to go. The gold ring received as a gift from the grandmother, which does not suit you properly, should be melted into something you will wear rather than store for no good. The jewelry that is no longer fashionable or was bought recklessly is unlikely to be of any use to you.

8. Souvenirs

Experts in organizing space advise to get rid of souvenirs and postcards, which you do not use. Maybe it’s too cruel, and some things should be left in a separate place for them. Think about how old magnets, postcards and other small things can be used in the interior. The network is full of original ideas. Try to leave only special memorabilia. You do not even remember where most of the souvenir stuff in your apartment came from.

9. Diaries

As soon as another diary is finished, it seems such a problem to throw it away. You say these words and never open it again. Review old notebooks, extract important notes or contacts and throw the notebooks to trash.

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