New Beauty Trend: Mermaid Hair

What about a new hair color?

Every season, millions of girls are waiting for the reports of top fashion magazines, and then rush to stylists (or the nearest store for a pack of hair dye) and start dyeing their precious hair in pastel pink, gray, Ombre or whatever else the trendsetters come up with. Well, if to refer to social networks, this spring the streets will be crowded by the ladies with mermaid hair. It’s a new trend that is gaining momentum.


Everything new is just well forgotten old. If we talk about contemporary reality, this means everything that was fashionable a few seasons ago. The trend that is codenamed as mermaid hair is rapidly gaining momentum in hair dyeing, and it is nothing but a new interpretation of the Ombre or balayage art, which has been gaining and losing popularity for several years in a row.

The girls who want to be in the mainstream must have already dyed their hair tips in a bright contrasting color and made a fashionable transition from dark to light, simulating hair that is naturally bleached under the southern sun. Stylists are now offering them the technique of “liquid coloring.” Its essence consists in dyeing separate strands in harmonious, specially selected shades that combine well with each other and with the natural hair color.



Due to the interesting combination of colors, a deep, iridescent “native” color and a creative variety of shades can both be obtained. This is just the fabulous “mermaid hair” that is much spoken about.



The mermaid hair technique has gained popularity on the web not only due to the interesting result (seriously, can anyone be surprised with multicolored strands on Tumblr?), but also due to the process of dyeing. Clients of mermaid salons get their wet hair laid on a horizontal surface and divided into sections; next, each strand is separately dyed in a special shade. It looks impressive and worthy of being shown on Instagram.


Careful beauties will probably consider the new trend reminiscent of the early 2000s, when one could marvel at the creativity of young Avril Lavigne’s and Christina Aguilera’s long hair. And this is right: if we analyze the latest collections of big fashion houses, we can conclude that the triumphant return of the previous decade’s fashion should be expected. Get your low jeans or plush tracksuits and rush to have your mermaid hairstyle.


This trend is most likely to really get popular. This is the result that “gold” on the hair has failed to achieve.


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