MAC Cosmetics Double Dazzle Lip Gloss Collection

Dazzleglass lip glosses from MAC had been launched in the market last year. Still, they are making women go crazy over them with an unbeatable shine with their formula gliding smoothly on your lips. The Dazzleglass are back in action this year coming again with 18 shades in total, some of which are certainly permanent to MAC.

MAC Cosmetics Double Dazzle Collection

The following are the 18 hot Dazzleglass shades from which you are going to have a tough time to choose your favorite hue:

  1. Sugarrimmed – creamy soft pink with red, teal and white pearl
  2. Goldyrocks – pure soft yellow with pink and gold pearl
  3. Moth to Flame – absolute neutral beige with violet pearl
  4. Smile – gentle coral with pink and gold pearl
  5. Steppin’ Out – fresh yellow pink with red pearl
  6. Utterly Posh – mid-tone orange with pink and gold pearl
  7. Love Alert – raspberry red with red pearl
  8. Date Night – deep plum with blue and gold pearl
  9. Funtablulous – purple with violet pearl
  10. MAC Cosmetics Double Dazzle  Gloss Pink Shades

  11. Extra Amps – utter bright blue pink with blue and pink pearl
  12. Like Venus – neat light bubble gum pink with red pearl
  13. Stop! Look! – pure violet mauve with blue and pink pearl
  14. Money Honey – mid-tone rosy mauve with red pearl
  15. Rags to Riches Plummy pink with teal and red pearl
  16. Baby Sparks – light pink with violet pearl
  17. Bare Necessity – caramel apricot with red and gold pearl
  18. Girl’s Delight – pure mid-tone tan with gold pearl
  19. Get Rich Quick – warm yellow brown

MAC Cosmetics Double Dazzle Lip Gloss Warm Shades

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