Allergies in Figures and Fact

Did you know that over 40% of world’s population suffers from various forms of allergies? Furthermore, have you heard that watching TV can lead to asthma attack? What other things surrounding us can cause allergies?

Allergy Sneezing

  • 300 000 substances are categorized as potential allergens.
  • Over 100 plants can trigger allergies. Hypoallergenic kittens (selectively bred kittens that do not cause allergies) cost 13.5 thousands of dollars each.
  • A child has 30% chance of developing allergies if one of the parents has allergies. If both parents suffer from allergies, then the risk increases to 50%.
  • Boys tend to suffer from allergies three times more often than girls at early age. Yet, the picture changes as they mature and become adults, such that there are twice as many women suffering from allergies than there are men.
  • Children, who lived in contact with pets during the first years of their lives have lower risks of developing allergies.
  • Licking postal stamps can trigger allergic attack. This is due to the fact that the glue used on stamps is made from fish bones.
  • Vitamins B, C, and E either reduce the risk of allergy attack or soften allergic reaction.
  • Children who watch TV for over two hours every day have twice as much chance of developing asthma as their peers who don’t watch TV.
  • Milk, fish, and eggs are considered the most allergenic foods.
  • Some of the most bizarre forms of allergies include hypersensitivity to light, water, jewelry, and saliva. We can even be allergic to humans. For example, one young British man was allergic to his beloved one. As soon as he kissed his girlfriend, or even touched her, his face would immediately turn red and a rash would break out. However, he did not suffer from this allergic reaction permanently, but only on the days when she was having her critical days.

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