John Travolta Gay Scandal: New Details

John Travolta’s former lover of 6 years opened up in a recent exclusive interview telling that he was continuously subjected to manipulation and pressure to make a sex tape.

John Travolta is Gay?
Doug Gotterba was Travolta’s lover all the time he worked as his private pilot, and the actor desired to have their sexual games taped as a keepsake. “I said no,” he told the National Enquirer as he was recalling the details of their love affair.

Gotterba came to know the Grease star in February 1981 and before long they began to share a bed. According to him, Travolta always tried to control their relationship, using his celebrity status and manipulation without a qualm.

When the famous actor had Gotterba doing what he wanted, he “was treated like a royalty,” the former pilot recounted. But once Travolta couldn’t have it his way he let his lover feel his displeasure.

One day when the two were watching a sex movie in Travolta’s bedroom, the A-list actor brought up the subject of filming a tape of their lovemaking. He was very insistent, but Gotterba refused to go along.

“He used his celebrity and manipulation to get his way,” was his characterization of Travolta.