Did John Travolta Sexually Harass Those Masseurs?

John Travolta may find himself embroiled into a web of lawsuits as more masseur accusers keep contacting the plaintiff lawyer.

John Travolta

One alleged victim’s case may not stand in the court, but other men are coming up who may file similar accusations of sexual harassment and battery. They have reached lawyer Okorie Okorocha who says he is checking up on the stories of what he called “a bunch of accusers.” According to him, more accusers are likely to turn up before long.

For the time being there are only two masseurs who officially accuse the 58-year-old actor of indecent and violent behavior while on a massage via complaints filed in L.A. Their names have not been revealed yet.

Pasadena-based Okorocha claims the accusers didn’t seek Travolta’s attention and never wanted things to end up in lawsuits, hoping to settle the affairs just by negotiations with the actor’s lawyer. A month later, dissatisfied with the way the negotiations were shaping, they decided on initiating a lawsuit.

Travolta is represented by Martin Singer, an attorney known for having worked for many Hollywood celebrities (Nicolas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore, Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy and others). Singer believes the plaintiffs have no chance of making their accusations stand.

As TMZ had previously reported and Singer confirmed to PEOPLE, the exhibits will include a photograph and a receipt from a Mr. Chow restaurant that go to prove Travolta’s presence in New York on January 16, the date of the first assault that allegedly occurred during a massage in a Beverly Hills hotel. The evidence of the receipt was borne out by the restaurant’s manager who saw Travolta treating a Mr. Chow Tribeca to dinner.

The second assault purportedly took place in Atlanta. Singer comments that the plaintiffs were sure to learn from media reports the whereabouts of his client for every particular accusation.

The whole story became known to PEOPLE.

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