Stem Cells Cream Prevents Skin Aging

Isn’t it enough to use our skin’s potent regenerative properties to keep it young and resilient as long as possible? It looks like a tenable idea scientifically, and here comes the latest attempt in this line.

Stem Cells Cream

The great idea is to play up the regenerative power of our skin with a portion of its own stem cells. It was applied by Personal Cell Sciences in creating a new line of topical skincare products dubbed “U Autologous” with special anti-aging effect.

First, mini-liposuction is performed to extract some unwanted fat from which adult stem cells are extracted; a part of them is cryo-preserved and laid in store should you want to use it in future for making personal regenerative products. The rest of your stem cells serves as the main ingredient for the Personal Cell Sciences stuff, mixed with firming serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.

Then peptides, anti-oxidants, and modern anti-aging ingredients are added by hand resulting – in about a month – in a skincare suite that is tailored for you personally. Moreover, the supply of cells stored by Personal Cell Sciences enables the company to produce your personalized skin rejuvenating treatment every month. Now that’s something exceeding an ordinary offer of skin care products, isn’t it?

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