5 Bad Habits That Lead to Premature Aging

A stooped back, a heavy gait, crow’s feet around the eyes, and the skin asking for a beautician’s help for a long time… If you recognize your reflection in this image, it’s time to change your office habits. Working at a computer, you can not only gain experience, knowledge or salary but also harm your own beauty. Below are 5 seemingly innocent work habits that are ruthlessly destroying our youth.

You sit relaxed in a work chair

Just think: you spend 6 to 10 hours a day in the office sitting at the computer! This is a severe burden for the whole body. One day your body – this perfect mechanism – will just fail.

The pain occurs between the shoulder blades and in the lumbar area. You try to find a position that will lessen the discomfort. The posture worsens, stoop appears, and it is incompatible with female charm.

To maintain a blooming appearance for a long time:

  1. Keep the correct posture when working at the computer.
  2. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, put your hands on the table, and put your legs at an angle of 90-120 degrees.
  3. Make sure your feet touch the floor.

Not only your beauty but also your performance will suffer. Remember the main rule of office workers: take your eyes off the screen to move around every 15 minutes. Turn your neck to the right and left and do a few tilts. The brain does not like it when the body is constrained, so it begins to “slow down” due to stagnation and impaired blood flow.

Get up from the table every hour. Walk to the cooler to take a sip of water, or to the window to enjoy the view. Your spine, eyes and skin will thank you!

You don’t monitor screen brightness

The computer monitor is one of the main enemies of beauty. Its high-frequency blue light leads to premature skin aging and pigmentation and destroys collagen. It looks similar to ultraviolet in this respect! No wonder cosmetics developers have come up with such an exciting term as “digital aging”.

Blue light has another bad property – it blocks the synthesis of melatonin. It is a hormone on which sleep and biorhythms depend. You must have noticed that in times of trouble at work, when you have to sit at the monitor for days, you sleep badly, and the food is chaotic. This affects the quality of the skin and your health. Without it, we can hardly talk about beauty!

How to protect yourself from all-penetrating radiation? Use special cosmetics with antioxidants. If there is no marking on the package, look for vitamin C in the composition. It weakens the oxidative process, protecting against premature aging. Remember to reduce the brightness of the monitor.

You use gadgets with your head down

Furrowed brows, squinted eyes, stooped shoulders and arms bent at the elbows – how many hours do you spend in this position, scrolling through instant messengers or social networks? It is easy to check. Open the Screen Time tab in your phone settings. That is how long you are in a pose that worsens the tone of muscles and skin and provokes the appearance of a second chin.

Watch the sensations in your body when you again plunge into the boundless world of your smartphone. The back of the neck is tense, the front is relaxed. The skin gathers in folds and forms creases, adding age.

Squinting in an attempt to read small texts on the screen causes “crow’s feet” around the eyes. For sure, you wrinkle your forehead, “digesting” complex information. When you spend too much time on social networks, the fluid outflow is disturbed – and swelling under the eyes appears!

To preserve beauty, you do not need to abandon modern technology. Just make sure that the smartphone is at eye level, reduce the time you spend using it, do gymnastics more often and visit a beautician.

Sitting near heaters or radiators

Warm and cozy, but by no means helpful. Due to dry air, cells are dehydrated and unable to regenerate. So drink more water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. You can use cosmetic moisturizing sprays or a mix of thermal and rose water during the day.

At night, let your skin rest and be hydrated. The face mask will create a breathable film on the surface, which will maintain the hydrobalance of cells throughout the working day.

Staying motionless for a long time

Sedentary work, traveling by public or private transport, prolonged standing – this is a direct way to varicose veins, cellulite, swelling and cramps in the calf muscles. Not the best prospect for your beautiful legs!

Move more to work, change body position, take breaks, and avoid the “leg over leg” position. In the evening, you can take a contrast shower to improve blood circulation.

Movement and proper posture at work are the foundation of your beauty. If you connect quality rest and proper nutrition, you will become irresistible.

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