Celebs Who Went to Buy Big After Their Divorce

Most people are apt to resort to the comforts of shopping as a means to shake off unpleasant occurrences in their lives (and not many things can be more unpleasant than a really messy divorce?). Celebrities are just as bad (or as good) as the rest of us. The only difference is they can afford to splurge much more – while we ordinary guys can indulge in a meal in a posh restaurant or make arrangements for long nights-out with friends, broken-hearted celebs can go much further than that. Supposedly they are not more cruelly heartbroken than we are – but they have numerous fans, haters and critics who follow their marital misadventures closely and add greatly to the pressure. After all, when our favorite celebs tied the knot our hopes that they will stay happily in love until the very end rose – and with each oncoming divorce, we tend to feel let down and grieved, some of these feelings getting transmitted to the individuals involved.

On the other hand, fans sympathize and in some way share the swelter of emotions celeb divorcees experience; it’s not unfathomable that with their millions they go out and distract themselves by dint of procuring houses, cars, designer clothes and whatever captures their fancy. They are heavily backed by fame, which is sometimes the reason behind their split homes: living and sharing love under the collective eye of the public is a strenuous thing to do. And when the emotional levee breaks, shopping provides recreation. What can celebrities obtain to alleviate their pangs?

Josh Duhamel – a cabin in the country

While some divorces come as no surprise, with Joshua Duhamel and Fergie it was not so. They had enjoyed eight sweet years of marriage before they went separate ways and went on to be as active as ever in the full view of the public (which is not so easy as it sounds). Duhamel, for one, felt like going to Minnesota and buying a cabin there to retreat to for some good private rest. Probably it is not so impressive, but around are over 50 acres of land, and the place is an extremely picturesque one. Duhamel himself, in describing his acquisition to Architectural Digest, compared it to a picture by Terry Redlin. If it is not quite a castle, it’s near the water and surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. A better rest house for a hardworking actor cannot even be imagined.

Britney Spears – shopping in a big way

Back in 2007, Britney Spears separated with her husband Kevin Federline, and the event triggered an awesome shopping spree. It started from her attending a Los Angeles Lakers match for which she turned up long after the beginning togged up, wigged up and in a cowboy hat. Having enjoyed the game, the pop diva headed for the Lisa Kline place requesting super-attentive custom. Other customers were subsequently asked to step out and leave Spears alone in the boutique. Then the singer set about her shopping. Kate Levington, an assistant who witnessed the procedure, said Spears was enjoying herself enormously, dancing to the music played in the store while choosing things to buy both for herself and the children. Finally, she spent about $2,000 on items for herself and the same amount on kid stuff.

Kevin Federline – a Las Vegas party

On his part, Kevin Federline had bad energy to burn too. His solution to the problem turned out to be a boy party to be held in Las Vegas. He went there and spent part of the Friday basking in the sunshine in the private adult-only area of the pool at the Mirage. Having rested before partying, Federline then fortified himself with a dinner in Nobu and proceeded to the Jet nightclub to get exposed to numbers like Fat Joe’s Make It Rain. After a while, he led his company of friends to Caesars Palace’s Pure Nightclub where they revealed before spending the rest of the night in another club. On the following Saturday, he treated himself to dinner and a spot of gambling and then returned home for Easter which he spent with the children. Nice to know the kids enjoy their share of attention.

Jennifer Aniston – a new white home

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced more than a decade ago, but this A-lister split-up is still remembered and commented on. It can be safely assumed that celebrities who went to purchase dwellings upon filing for divorce availed themselves of Aniston’s cue as to how to put the balm on the wounds. As soon as it was all over between her and Pitt, the actress left their joint home in Beverly Hills and got herself a house on the beach where there were only white things: furniture, curtains, you name it, it’s white. It was meant as a solitary place to withdraw to for rest, but there’s room for friends coming to offer support while Pitt was making noise marrying Angelina Jolie. Only that doesn’t mean Aniston lost any of her fan armies.

Christina Aguilera – sought to soothe her grieved-by-divorce son

While divorcing her husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera went the common female way and bought up some expensive stuff. The interesting thing is she did her shopping for Max, her then 3-year-old son, to distract him from the worry. For that purpose, she chose La La Ling, a popular store for children. It was really a tumultuous period, and the boy must have needed that outing, for the relationship between the singer and her ex was so strained that Aguilera went to live to an SLS hotel where she was reported at the time as one living “out of suitcases.” This was the end of a five-year-long marriage which must have bуут really riddled with “irreconcilable differences,” as cited by one of the greatest singers of all time.

Amy Poehler – paid millions for her own condo

That’s right, Amy Poehler bought back her own place after her divorce, and had to pay more than she did in the first place! It transpired that the actress and her first husband Will Arnett’s agreement led to Poehler buying out her former spouse in an attempt to become the sole owner of the apartment they used to share. At the time the condo was bought for over $5 million, but the stock had risen, and the actress forked up $6 and half million to own it. It is located in a building in Morton Square which is famous for housing a number of other celebrities including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Oliver Stone, and Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame. So arguably buying the condo was really worth it.

Khloe Kardashian – Justin Bieber’s notorious dwelling

One of the aftermaths of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s divorce was Kardashian’s buying a house belonging to Justin Bieber. It occurred in 2013, within a month after she filed for divorce, which wasn’t finalized until several years afterward (so long that fans half expected the idea of divorce to be dropped). So Kardashian went for the house in Calabasas that was the property of none else but Justin Bieber – the same house that was raided by the police in the same year pursuant to the singer’s being accused of throwing eggs at a neighbor’s house. According to Susie Schwartz, the suffering neighbor, Kardashian is a much better person to have around than Bieber, being “harmless.” Schwartz voiced her certainty that it will be great for the new owner and for her neighbors, too. So maybe Kardashian’s broken marriage was for the best, after all.

Heidi Klum and Seal – millions’ worth post-divorce abode

As Heidi Klum broke up with the Kiss from a Rose hitmaker Seal, she forked out almost $10 million for a house that she bought off a famous couple. The mansion in Sherman Oaks (or Bel-Air, depending on how you look at it) had belonged to the award-winning screenwriter and producer Edwin Weinberger and his wife Carlene Watkins, a TV actress. (Weinberger’s most famous works are for shows like The Bob Hope Special and The Cosby Show.) The house contains offices, dressing rooms, a gym studio, a wine cellar as well as a one-bedroom guest home. Surrounded by a marvelous lawn with a pool, the place seems to be just right for the model and her four children. Meanwhile, Seal paid about $6 million for a more modest bachelor apartment in Brenton.

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