Saying These Things Could Make You a Loser

Psychologists remind that thoughts are material, and in order not to aggravate the situation and not to attract even more negative things into your life, it is better not to say some phrases. Even if you think that this is nonsense and words cannot harm you in any way, still, look at the “unwanted list” compiled by – you may find something familiar, something that you say most often.

“It is the last time I am going to do this”

Try to erase this phrase from your vocabulary and never say it again, even to yourself. Otherwise, destiny can inadvertently understand this literally and this time can really be the last one. Psychologists recommend not to program yourself on negative thoughts and try to focus on the bright and happy moments of your life. Try to find pluses in everything and do not get annoyed over trifles (even if some unpleasant moments are repeated in your life with enviable regularity).

“I don’t have time for this”

In fact, time can always be found, regardless of the situation. And this phrase is just another excuse and unwillingness to do anything. And the more often you pronounce it, the sooner you will believe that you are a super-busy person who doesn’t even have an extra minute to devote to friends and relatives. In the end, your loved ones will simply find someone who is willing to sacrifice their time for them, and you will run the risk of being completely alone.

“My possibilities are not so great”

Human abilities are, in fact, limitless. If you believe the experts, in many stressful situations people discover such talents and skills that they have never realized. Therefore, it is not necessary to convince yourself in advance that you are helpless to do anything. It is better to try and only then say that it was you who succeeded or not. But then you will never reproach yourself for wasted opportunities, and if anything happens, you can safely say that you have done everything you could. Do not be afraid to act and do not allow other people to make decisions and live your life for you.

“I always lack money / I will never earn more”

It is clear that all the money in the world cannot be earned, but if you constantly complain that you have nothing to live for and you cannot afford anything, this is at least a reason to think about what you are doing wrong. For example, if you understand that you lack a certain amount for a normal life, think about where and how you can earn it (change your occupation for a better paid one, start your own business, turn a hobby into a source of income, find a part-time job, and so on). According to experts, there are a lot of options. You just need to choose what is right for you. And if you sit back and do nothing, the situation will only worsen.

“I can never do this”

“Never say never” – remember this phrase? Experts claim that this is indeed a very correct phrase, capable of motivating a person to perform new feats. After all, if you do not even try to do something, you will surely fail. In the end, this is exactly what will happen. Therefore, think of a victory and take any loss as an opportunity to work on your mistakes again not to commit them anymore.

“I am a loser and nobody needs me”

According to experts, this is another bad phrase, which programs you for failure in advance. If you constantly question your own talents and abilities, you can foolishly spend your life on all sorts of nonsense and in the end, earn a neurosis and depression. After all, if great people, starting to build a career from the very bottom, had thought that they were losers, they would have never reached such heights and would not have become rich and famous.

Therefore, instead of once again complaining that you are fatally unlucky, it is better to remind yourself more often that you will definitely achieve everything you want.

“I am already old/sick/ugly”

Instead of labeling yourself (and eventually convincing not only yourself but those around you, that you are not a pretty person), you should better concentrate on your strengths and on how you can attract other people’s attention. It does not matter that your parameters are far from a model appearance, but if you have a kind heart, a charming smile and a desire to make this world a little bit better, be sure that you will be surrounded only by decent people who sincerely admire you.

“I am not worthy of love and look unattractive to everyone”

With these words, you simply program yourself to fail in your personal life. Psychologists recommend to generally forget about these phrases, unless, of course, you want to find true love and start a family. Instead of suffering from your own shortcomings (which in most cases are generally contrived), it’s better to remember your merits and the kind of person you would like to see next to you. Remind yourself more often that you are the “best”, and you will see that life will begin to change for the better.

“It is a trifle disease that you have. What I have is more serious…”

Why should you predict any events with regard to life and health? First, you do not know exactly who finds it more difficult: you with your “sores” or another person to whom his diseases also seem to be very serious. Secondly, psychologists believe it is not worthwhile escalating the situation. You’d rather perceive everything with positive thoughts and convince yourself that everything will be fine. If you constantly insist that everything is bad if your whole body aches if you are in no mood, it is quite possible that you can “inflict” all these troubles.