Shoe Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

What shoes will you choose to look relevant, fresh and stylish in the coming season? We studied the spring-summer brand shows and are ready to talk about the five main trends that are worthy of your attention.

White and light cream color

The trend for light shades in shoes remains relevant for several seasons in a row and is not going to lose ground for a very long time. Restrained and versatile, the white color will allow you to experiment with images, perfectly complementing elegant monochrome total looks and combining favorably with the most daring ornaments and prints on clothes. In addition, white shoes visually elongate the silhouette, so a light pair of shoes is especially advised to petite girls.

In the new season, the designers presented white models for every taste – from high boots and Cossack boots to neat boat shoes and ballet shoes.

Pointed shoes

Pointed toes seemed to be a classic, but this season the trend is experiencing a new turn. Pointed and super-pointed shoes appeared on the catwalks in an unprecedented amount and variety, and then the mass market followed the designers. Classic ballet flats with a pointed toe can be found in H&M, excellent shoes – in Uterque or Zara, and stylish ankle boots should be sought in Topshop.

Pointed shoes visually stretch the legs and slim the figure. They look good with tight-fitting and tree silhouettes. Pointed shoes look particularly well (and moderately sexy) in combination with masculine trouser suits. If you are a short girl, try to choose not too long pointed shoes.

Square vamp

If you think that the size of your feet does not allow you to wear pointed shoes or you are looking for a more interesting alternative, we advise you to look at the bold trend for shoes with a square vamp. It appeared in the collections of Fendi, Burberry, and Balenciaga. Now, it has leaked into more democratic brands and is ready to make any of your images as textured and stylish as possible.

Accented heels

The accent on an unusual heel is a great option for both evening outings and the most casual events: only one detail can rivet attention to your whole look. In order not to overload it, choose minimalist clothing and concise silhouettes.


Toward the end of spring, you will certainly get neat minimalistic heeled sandals. A pair of strips at the base of the ankle and around the toes look elegant and feminine. This season, they are also incredibly fashionable.

Elegant and light, such shoes are suitable not only for appropriate dresses but also for more serious things. Paired with loose pants, clearly structured jackets or voluminous jumpers, minimalist sandals will be a detail that brings a confident note of sexuality to the look.

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