Celebrities Who Died from Coronavirus

As coronavirus keeps raging, it’s an unceasing toss-up as to who is going to recover – and who is going to come under… The increasing number of succumbed poor dears makes us sad, and celebrities are not exempt – some of them are already taken from us.

Kenzo Takada

Last October the worldwide Kenso brand suffered the loss of their founder, the renowned fashion designer Kenzo Takada. According to his spokesperson, Takada finally succumbed to Covid-19 complications at a very venerable age of 81. The man who succeeded in bringing Japan onto the Parisian market was known for his fine graphics and impressive floral prints.

Larry King

The broadcast iconic figure, Larry King started his combat with coronavirus incursion last December when he was rushed from the ICU to hospital to treat his breathing difficulty. Not many weeks passed before he failed in his struggle about two weeks ago. The New York Post had it from Julia Alexander, King‘s sixth wife, that it was coronavirus complications that brought about his death, but his current wife Shawn Southwick King revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the award-winning host died of sepsis. King passed away when his and Shawn Southwick‘s divorce wasn’t finalized, which makes her his last official wife.

Maria Mercader

Among last year’s victims was 54-year-old Maria Mercader, a former reporter and later a talent director at CBS News with more than 30 year spell at the company.

Nick Cordero

Covid-19 complications took the life of Canadian actor Nick Cordero on the 5th last July; he died in a hospital following 95-day struggle. The whole of it was covered by Cordero’s wife with some of the severest complications when he had to have his leg amputated owing to bad clotting. The Broadway star, Tony-nominated and Drama Desk-nominated, was 41, and sadly he didn’t live to win the awards he deserved.

Chris Trousdale

One of Dream Street‘s voices Chris Trousdale embarked on a solo career as a singer and actor after the band’s breakup, but it was cut short due to coronavirus complications last June. He died at the age 34.

Bruce Williamson

Coronavirus took its toll on another band, the legendary Temptations. Bruce Williamson, their singer in the period from 2006 to 2015, died last September in his home in Las Vegas falling 3 weeks short of his 50th birthday. He was to appear at a pay-per-view concert in the same month and was working on his R&B solo album.

Mark Blum

69-year-old Mark Blum, New York City stage veteran remembered for his appearance in the comedy Desperately Seeking Susan alongside Madonna and Lifetime‘s series You, contracted coronavirus last year and died of complications in hospital on March 26.

Alan Merrill

Alan Merrill had been a versatile and successful artist on American and Japanese rock stages, member of several bands and co-writer of I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, before his career was cut short on March 29 at the age 69. He developed Covid-19 and complications got him.

Allen Garfield

American actor Allen Garfield was past his active screen life and getting on to turn 81, when coronavirus complications led to his demise. He withered on April 7 in the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital. Garfield is remembered by starring in Get Crazy, Nashville, and The Ninth Gate.

Tom Dempsey

73-year-old Tom Dempsey, the record-setter and NFL star placekicker of old, perished last April from Covid complications. Back in 2012 he was found to be suffering from dementia and placed to live in New Orleans‘ Lambeth House Retirement Community. Last March he was diagnosed with Covid-19. By the time of his death the living facility had registered over 50 confirmed coronavirus cases 13 of which proved terminal.

Troy Sneed

My Heart Says Yes singer Troy Sneed succumbed to coronavirus complications in April 2020 when he was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Jacksonville where he resided. He died at 52, having had four of his albums placed on Gospel Albums billboard chart.

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