Celebrity Nose Jobs: Yes Or No to Rhinoplasty?

The proportions of the nose are an important component of the aesthetics of the beauty image, which celebrities are well aware of. But before you say “yes” to rhinoplasty, we advise you to take a closer look at the experiments of the stars because there are both successful and vividly unsuccessful examples among them.

Courtney Love

In some photographs of the American rock singer, the asymmetry of the nasal bridge is visible to the naked eye, although Courtney herself does not consider rhinoplasty to be unsuccessful. On the contrary, she is sure that it was the improved nose that opened the doors to new possibilities for her.

The new shape really looks smaller and narrower, but the curvature is hardly the result that you want to get when considering an operation.

Priyanka Chopra

Recently, the world has learned that the Indian actress’ deformity of the nose is a consequence of a medical error. During the operation to remove the polyp, which was the cause of a constant runny nose and discomfort when breathing, the surgeons accidentally touched the nasal septum, which caused its destruction.

Result: asymmetry and repeated attempts to correct the lost nasal contours. Fortunately, Priyanka’s nose is now pretty neat.

Michael Jackson

Surgeons would “Europeanize” the pop legend’s African-American massive nose no less than five times. The wide contours were replaced by scars, breathing problems, disproportionate shape, unnatural back, cartilage grafts, failures, complete deformation of the nasal pyramid, necrosis, and the need to wear a prosthesis.

Bella Hadid

The inverted V nose deformity of the American supermodel is a good example of why you should not resort to surgery at an early age. The fact is that the bone and cartilaginous structures continue to form up to 20-25 years, and the standard elimination of the hump and narrowing of the nasal dorsum can lead to scars, failures and asymmetry.

In Bella’s case, the situation was most likely corrected with a second rhinosculpture.

Mickey Rourke

The star of the films “Nine 1/2 Weeks” and “Wrestler” did not find salvation in plastic surgeries after numerous injuries received during boxing. The surgeons tried to restore the actor’s nasal pyramid by transplanting ear cartilage, but the disruption of the healing process caused unforeseen scarring of the tissues.

Donatella Versace

Excessive enthusiasm for plastic surgeries rarely led to positive results. In a pursuit of the perfect nose, Donatella achieved her goal and got rid of the hated hump, but the pursuit of perfection at some point turned into an unjustified “improvement”.

Today, Versace’s face looks extremely unnatural, and even numerous corrections did not help correct the curvature of the nose.

Lil Kim

A hip-hop performer once fulfilled her dream of a neat nose. But then Kimberly was faced with disappointment and a forced plastic surgery: the boyfriend’s beatings canceled out the successful result of her rhinoplasty. Hoping to regain the former contours, she underwent correction after correction – so gaps formed on the sides of the back of her nose, provoking the so-called “clothespin effect”.

Blake Lively

Talking about their wishes to a plastic surgeon, many patients mention the nose of charming Blake Lively. Jewel-like narrowing of the back and nostrils plus the elimination of the hump gave more sophisticated aristocratic features to the face of Hollywood’s “gossip girl”.

Only an experienced professional can achieve such a flawless result. When choosing a surgeon, savings are secondary: you must be sure that your beauty and health are in good hands.

Ryan Gosling

Today it is difficult to imagine a popular actor with a long nose and a noticeable hump. It is known that the actor had prudently corrected these cosmetic defects even before he became the idol of millions. Doctors delicately reduced the length and straightened the back without disturbing the natural anatomy of the nose.

Tyra Banks

The story of a famous TV presenter can inspire those who regularly experience problems with nasal breathing, but do not dare to opt for septoplasty, or correction of the nasal septum.

Tyra took a risk and was not mistaken: the girl not only had the partition aligned, but at the same time gave her nose a more European look by narrowing the back, tip and wings.

Kaley Cuoco

The performer of the role of Penny in the popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” does not conceal the fact that plastic surgeons have worked on her appearance. The actress successfully corrected the cartilaginous part of the nose and underwent an osteotomy – the alignment of the bone part.

Megan Fox

The Transformers star has clearly benefitted from the operation: for several years now, Megan has been on the lists of the most beautiful women in the world. The best plastic operation is the one that cannot be noticed, and the actress’s surgeons succeeded in it: they removed the hump, raised the tip, “edited” the nostrils and gave the nose a neater, natural shape.

Jennifer Lopez

The once wide nose wings and bridge of one of the highest paid Latinos in Hollywood transformed into a neat nose one day. Haters will say that the operation deprived Lopez of her individuality, but the singer continues to earn millions today and amaze fans with her beauty and youth – isn’t this the best proof that rhinoplasty was the right decision?

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