Should Your Makeup Routine Change during Menopause?

Remembering about skincare during menopause, we usually talk about changing the set of care cosmetics, but not decorative cosmetics. The latter is also of great importance in giving the face youth and freshness. Primers, peach blush, and a little light – we explain the basic rules of makeup for the “new period”.

Matte skin

Hormonal changes lead to many other changes in the body, including the skin. During menopause, it needs special care. Dehydration is one of the most common problems, often accompanied by an oily sheen caused by the dysfunction of sebaceous glands (for which hormones are responsible).

You feel that the skin on your face is tightened due to a lack of moisture, and in the mirror, you see how the forehead and cheeks shine with an oily sheen.

To eliminate such difficulties, use a matting primer. That being said, when choosing a product, pay attention to moisturizing options that will simultaneously seal moisture in the skin and save you from dehydration. In this case, they will be most appropriate. Apply them all over your face as a makeup base.

Even complexion

The skin gradually becomes lighter. Accordingly, the first thing to do is to check whether the shade of foundation that you buy from year to year matches the color. Your favorite color may turn out to be a little darker than you want it to be.

When choosing a new toner, avoid dense textures (these will accentuate every wrinkle and unwanted facial hair if they appear during menopause) and shades with a pink tint (will highlight skin irregularities).

We advise you to opt for BB- and CC-creams. First, they will take care of your skin. In addition, today you can find products for any additional purposes – with an anti-age effect, moisturizing, nourishing and even brightening.

However, if you still prefer denser textures, apply the tone to the middle of the face (on the T-zone and the area under the eyes and cheeks, ignoring the periphery) and gently blend it all over the face. This will help avoid the layering effect.

A little shine

In addition to the loss of its former elasticity and color, the skin also loses certain “liveliness”. You can restore a healthy shade with a tone, but adding the desired shine will not be a problem if you have a good highlighter or powder with reflective particles.

The main thing is not to overdo it. Choose products with the finest grind of the shimmer and of a peach shade rather than white, blue or pink. Then your radiance will be fresh, and not vampire pale. Apply the product as you are used to: on the cheekbones, under the eyebrows, in the inner corners of the eyes and a little on the chin area.

No under-eye circles

This is definitely the main must-have in the updated cosmetic bag. Bruises under the eyes don’t make anyone better, so it’s time to get a good concealer. When choosing a concealer, it is worth remembering that during the menopause, the already sensitive skin of the eyes becomes even more sensitive, so give preference to liquid concealers. Choose those that are lighter in texture and apply them with a short, dense brush, gently rubbing them into the skin.

No cold pink blush

During menopause, especially at the beginning of it, we are periodically overtaken by hot flashes, which make the face redden. Pink blush will only emphasize the already scarlet skin color. Shades of pink (especially with a cool undertone) on the mature skin tend to always look a little unnatural. The only exceptions are dusty shades, although they suit only some people.

The way out of the situation can be peach shades, which, on the contrary, will refresh the skin and create the desired, correct blush.


Whether you like it or not, it’s best for you to master the basics of this technique. Of course, we do not urge you to replicate Kim Kardashian’s cheekbones and nose, but learning how to slightly adjust the chiaroscuro effect on the face will be very useful.

Decreased skin turgor leads to the loss of a clear facial contour. A little shade under the chin and further down the line to the ears will help to build more noticeable contours and rejuvenate the face a little. There is no need to emphasize the cheekbones. Only the chin, nothing more.

No clear and dark lines on the eyes and eyebrows

Another big mistake women make is to continue coloring their eyes and eyebrows as before. After all, from now on, the skin can no longer have its former elasticity. So, long arrows and dark traced eyebrows will only add age.

If you want to accentuate your eyes, choose soft shades depending on your color type. Do not enclose your eyes within a circle. Instead, just emphasize the upper eyelid along the lash line. Avoid dark pencils and eyeliners: they can blur.

Clear lips

Over time, lips lose their former shape and volume, and the skin around is streaked with wrinkles. Accordingly, the first step is to get a lip liner and a base for lipstick. The former will help the product to remain in place, and the latter will prolong the life of the lipstick.

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