Beauty Treatments to Avoid Before a Date

Peelings, cleanings, botulinum therapy – we will figure out what procedures should be avoided before a date and other important events.

Mechanical skin cleaning

This procedure is quite traumatic for the skin, so it must be done in advance rather than before an important date or any other significant event. In this regard, it is better to postpone skin cleansing for another time. Before a date, you’d better choose salicylic acid peeling, which will be more gentle on your skin, as well as take care in accordance with the needs of the skin.

Biorevitalization, mesotherapy, plasmolifting

All these procedures are united by the fact that they are injectable. Biorevitalization is the introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin to moisturize it. Mesotherapy has different goals: from care and therapeutic effect (oily skin, acne) to lymphatic drainage (lipolytic injections).

Cocktails for mesotherapy are made individually according to the indications of the patient. Plasmolifting helps to solve individual skin problems: it moisturizes dry skin, dries oily skin, regulates sebum, has a moisturizing effect on normal skin, and relieves sensitivity and irritability.

These procedures are useful, but doing them before a date is not the best idea, since traces of micro-pricks, redness of the skin, and slight swelling can remain on the face.

Suppose you want to take care of yourself before a date. In that case, you can resort to basic cosmetic procedures – cleaning with ultrasound and applying masks according to the skin type, which will help restore a healthy complexion and refresh the face.

Deep and medium peeling

These procedures are classified as traumatic, as they exfoliate the top layer of the skin. Therefore, after deep and medium peelings, you will need some time to recover. Conducting such peeling before a date is not the most reasonable solution.

Moreover, after such procedures, the skin is prone to severe peeling for several days, which can ruin your mood when preparing for a date.

Instead, you can carry out superficial peeling with fruit acids – mandelic, lactic, glycolic – and get an excellent exfoliating result without damaging the skin.

Botulinum therapy

Botulinum toxin injections help neutralize facial expressions and solve many other problems, such as getting rid of excessive sweating. Since botulinum therapy is also an injection technique, there is a risk that bruises or other consequences of the injection of the drug may remain on the face.

Moreover, if you choose wrinkle correction in the morning, you will be forced to comply with restrictions. During a date, you will no longer be able to drink a glass of champagne and may experience discomfort after the procedure. Therefore, Botox injections should be done in advance.

Lip augmentation with fillers

Every girl wants to look ideal on the first date. By this concept, many understand the perfect appearance, complemented by a beautiful smile. However, if you resort to lip augmentation on the day of the date, you can say goodbye to the dream of a beautiful smile. Instead of it, you will have swelling, redness of the skin around the lips, traces of micro-injections, and bruises.

This area is very sensitive, so moisturizing and lip augmentation is best done at least two days before a date.


Microdermabrasion is one of the best anti-aging procedures, the task of which is to mechanically remove the top layer of the skin. If you do it before a date, you will have to wear a hat with a black veil, like Samantha from Sex and the City did. Recovery after this procedure can take up to two weeks. So, it’s definitely not worth the risk.

If you really want to get a good skin cleansing result and a fresh complexion, try today’s popular PRX-T33 peeling based on trichloroacetic acid (33%), hydrogen peroxide (3%), and kojic acid (5%). In addition to cleansing, this peeling has an anti-inflammatory effect, enhances the production of fibroblasts, and has a whitening effect.

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser therapy is the best way to get rid of some visual imperfections: post-acne, scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores, etc. You should not do resurfacing before a date, as it belongs to the procedures that damage the skin’s surface, which is fraught with reddening of the skin and swelling after applying laser therapy. Besides, some patients experience skin peeling after resurfacing.

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