Happy Marriage Cures Hypertension


Happily Married CoupleHappy married couples have a lower blood pressure, claim scientists from Brigham Young University, USA. They conducted a study including 204 married people (102 couples) and 99 people who have never been married, all of them wore blood pressure monitors for 24 hours. 30% of the volunteers suffered from hypertension. It was found, that those happily married had lower systolic pressure – on average by 4 mm of mercury, – and a significantly lowered pressure at night. And this is very important, as those suffering from high blood pressure at night are more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

It’s not only marriage that benefits health – what is really healthy is having a happy marriage. A bad match is worse than a life of loneliness, as the worst results were obtained by unhappily married couples. Scientists believe, that the favorable effect of the happy marriage is connected with less stress, permanent emotional support of the loving spouse and encouragement of healthy habits in each other.


  1. I find that life is easier to deal with now that I am married. When bad things happen they just aren’t that bad now that I am married. Its good to know that the body agrees. Awesome Post.

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