Pictures of Cute Bears

Are already thinking of getting one as a pet?

I remember visits to the circus, when I was little. Funny clowns, deft acrobats, trained animals. What I liked most there were the animals, especially dogs and bears. There were dancing bears, bears riding a bicycle. They all were so cute! Here are some pictures of wild bears, which were not trained, but can be as funny as those bears from the circus.

Cute Bear Cub

When I was looking through my collection of the photos of bears, I noticed that bears have a strong resemblance to dogs. Later I found out, that they are relatives – bears are doglike carnivorans.

Doglike Bear

More Doglike Bears

By the way, the closest living relatives of bears are pinnipeds. This is why they swim so well.

Swimming Bears

Bears in River

There are eight living species of bear. They look different.

Polar Bear

Brown Bear


Brown bears are at risk of extirpation in certain countries.

Brown Bear

Many bears of northern regions hibernate in winter.

Sleeping Bears

Bears are typically solitary animals.

Lonely Bear

Except for courting individuals…

Kissing Bears

…and mothers with their little cubs.

Bear Family

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