Science Proves: Love Is Blind

Man and Woman in LoveLove is blind – this popular adage has been proven by scientists from University College London. They have detected the brain area which activates, when one feels romantic or maternal love. It is interesting that at the same moment the activity of another brain area is being suppressed. This area is responsible for critical thought.

When one is in love, they lose the ability to criticize their beloved, as love suppresses neural activity associated with critical social assessment of other people and negative judgments and increases activity of the brain’s “reward system”. It explains, why people make so many wrong decisions, when they love.

Being blind to the partner’s defects, we try to keep the ideal image which was remembered during the first dating days. This is what makes love blind. The brain area activated by love produces the feeling of euphoria. This fact explains the power of romantic love to motivate and exhilarate.

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