What Clothes to Wear with Skinny Legs?


What can you do if you are not a fortunate possessor of ideal legs? In the first place, ask yourself “What’s ideality anyway?” Individuality is a much better word and you should learn how to use your individuality to the best effect. And if you really have any disadvantage, you can turn it into an advantage or just pick the right clothes to disguise your shortcomings. This article is about what you should wear if you have skinny legs.


Skinny Legs and Pantyhose

If skinny legs are a good shape, you don’t really have to hide them. If for some reason you want to make your legs look bigger, wear pantyhose of light or warm colors, tights with large patterns, especially horizontally striped pantyhose, and leggings.

Skinny Legs, Jeans and Skirts

If you have very skinny legs, avoid tight stretch-jeans, extreme mini-skirts, short or very wide flared skirts, thick sole shoes and vertical striped pantyhose.

You will surely enjoy these tips for choosing clothes for skinny legs.


  1. I am so happy I found this website and read all these comments , makes me feel like I am not the only one with skinny legs.

  2. Really understand what you are all saying! I have under developed lower legs. 24/7 I obsess about my legs and wish they were bigger on the second half! It causes me to feel depressed most of the time and snappy towards people. I constantly check out other girls legs (just comparing them to mine) and it’s taken over my life! It’s making me ill! Haven’t worn skirt or shorts in 20 years and as for summer….I dread it! There is no miracle cure! On my hunt for perfection I’ve had calf implants twice and hated the results each time! I still wear jeans! Plse don’t waste your health or money! xxx

  3. Hi , i never googled about skinny legs but i’m happy that i found this site i never meet a person with my problems i am 162 and 44 kg i feel horrible when someone makes comments about my weight i very strange… when i’m naked i look nice but when i put clothes on me …there the problem is …i’m very selfconscious because i see how the people look at me i have a beautiful face and long blond hair a nice waist and ok boobs but i hate my legs they make me look soooooo skinny i can’t wear a long dress because i’m short and i can’t wear a short dress because i have ugly legs and a small butt omg i hate my life i don’t understand why anyone says thouse disgusting fat woman that they are fat and full of celulite and stares at them?they look at me they think i like beeing this way ??i hate it but for the moment i don’t have any alternative…sorry for the gramatics kiss kiss from romania

  4. i have the same problem.reading these comments is like ive written most !!! i wear two pairs of leggings to make legs look bigger, cant wear short summery dreses shorts or skirts because im so paranoid what ppl will think.My husband says that my calfs are fine, but comments from when i was at school have stayed with me (i am now 33!!) There was one breakthrough for me though ..and thats duo of bath. They are a website who specialise in knee high boots made to fit your legs, no matter how skinny or wide your calves are!! They are really resonably priced and ive got two pairs, so i have been able to wear short skirts with these. I nearly went down the calf implant route 10 years ago!!! and i got talked out of it by family.I think we should all stand united and say to hell with ppls comments..they are either jealous coz they are fat, cant eat what they want without putting on lots of weight and are self concious themselves because they are busy putting others down.There are lots of slim celebs and they walk confidently.The ones who diet and are too thin all over are not great, but we all seem to be healthy..with skinny minnie legs 🙂 x

  5. Girls try duo of bath for knee high boots made to measure..i have two pairs.The shop ones are like wellies on me lol.Ppl who make comments are jealous and normally insecure about themselves.I was called names throughout school..twiglet, beanpole, matchstick, anorexic…but I have the last laugh now because when i bump into some of these ppl in town they are all overweight and ugly!! I am happily married with two girls and I am trying not to let them see me down about my skinny legs.I encourage them to wear what they like and to be confident because if it wasnt for nasty ppl who should worry about their own lives we wouldnt all worry about our slim stems.We have to remember that we have the freedom of walking, swimming and running…My mum always says that a person whos paralised without the use of their legs would be very angry at me for being so silly.I am working on not caring about other ignorant ppls remarks.At the end of the day if they say that someone with slim legs is not eating, bullimic or anorexic then that is ignorance and really they are pretty sad arent they! When you have slim legs they best thing to wear is a wider cut jean, palazzo pants are perfect.Long floaty maxi dresses and steer clear of the vertical stripes, too a skinny jean (coloured pastel colours are fine if you dress them up with a slight heeled sandal) and the best thing to wear with your legs is a HUGE SMILE WHICH WILL WIND UP EVERY JEALOUS WOMAN who hates her tree trunks!!! x

  6. I too have extremely skinny legs and my whole life everyone from my friends to strangers in public have said ‘wow look how skinny your legs are’! I seriously don’t understand why they think it is ok to comment on someone elses body. It is extremely rude that people feel like they can say whatever they want to skinny people. I am tired of people assuming I have an eating disorder and I get stares at the gym when I go to try to get some tone. The worst part of my legs is from below the knee. My thighs are fine, I have no problem with them but my knees turn inward because I have flat feet (it’s called pronation) and it effects my stance and gait. My ankles are the worst, they are so tiny I can wrap my fingers around them. My feet look sooo long and they are only a size 7 1/2. Wearing heels helps my knees look more normal but then I have the problem of looking even more stick like because of the added height. I am 115 lbs and about 5’4 and while the rest of my body is thin, its my lower legs that really look abnormal. I very rarely wear dresses and am always the only ones wearing jeans at a party. I am so sick of trying to hide my lower legs and ankles I don’t enjoy going to the beach or a pool because I am so self conscious. I am glad I found this forum; it feels good to know that other people know exactly what I am going through. I looked online for some padded leggings but didn’t have much success. Calf implants are out of the question because of the $$ issue and because they won’t fix my ankles. My doctor told me to get fitted for orthotics because they can help correct my knees and change the way I walk, and maybe build up some muscles around my ankles that aren’t being worked. But that is also $$ I don’t have. Does anyone know of a website that I can get some boots that fit skinny calves? I love the look of a short white dress and cowboy boots but I can’t find any that fit. Thanks all.

  7. Think about it this way! Would you rather have skinny legs or fat legs? I know that I would prefer skinny legs to fat legs any day! I am tall and I have thin legs, I wear hot pants, skinny jeans, short dresses and I never worry about it. Yes I wish my thighs were a bit bigger, or my knees legs sticky out but who doesn’t look at themselves and think I want to change something! When people make comments maybe its because they are jealous of you? My thighs are 17.5 inch in circumferance, my ankles only 8 inches but if its in proportion to the rest of my body, would be terrible to be size 14 on top and size 6 trousers! You are what you are, stop hating yourself!

  8. I really thought i was the only one with this problem. I agree with so many of the things that have been said in the comments! I’m 5,8 and see many tall think women whose legs fit their bodies as theyre all in porportion and thin all over with small waists and knees but my top half isn’t very skinny. Yes I have thin limbs but the top half looks healthy and normal. When it gets to the lower waist I have quite wide hips but they’re bony and not soft. If I lay on my side the hip bone sticks out and is hard bone. Then there’s the legs.. I have a big gap between the thighs and bulbous knees. I actually think I could get away with them if my knees were more delicate. I feel this way every summer. Winters I don’t mid because i wear alot of layers but I can’t in this weather. I feel so jealous and depressed of all those normal females out there who don’t think twice about wearing shorts of a skirt. I haven’t wore I short skirt since school but i’d always wear three quarter length skirts or capris as long as they covered my knees I felt ok but now I won’t show even my ankles as now I’m 26 I feel more ashamed that I still have the legs of a 12 year old. The older I am getting the worse it is getting because I just want to look and feel like a woman of my age. Just like the lady above, my 13 year old niece had a better body than me! Just makes me realise how much more forfilled and happy and carefree my life could have been if only I was normal . I would give anything to have a normal metabolism and be moaning to the girls about my new diet or watching what I eat. I can eat like a pig and the weight just goes to my belly and gives me a potbelly which again just makes me look out of portion. Sometimes I feel like a potato man with the wrong limbs that just dont match. I’m going to try exercising and getting some whey protein. Just hope I don’t get any more stretch marks because adolescence cursed me with those too! I’m with such a great handsome guy I constantly think I’m not good enough for him
    And that he’ll trade me in for a more shapely womanly version one day that the whole thing has given me deep rooted paranoia and self esteem issues. It’s amazing what one or two ‘defects’ can do to a persons entire world. If God gave me these then cheers! I won’t be going to Church anytime soon.

  9. I’m with you, Rachel! (#102 above) I’ll take thin legs over fat or unfeminine muscular ones any day! Most people I know complain about their legs being too big. I’m lucky to be 5′ 6″ and proportionate. I think that’s the bigger issue, whether someone is large or small being proportionate is more attractive by nature. I just measured my legs and they’re the same as yours Rachel, 17.5 inch mid-thighs,13 inch calves and 8 inch ankles. I’m happy with the way my legs look, I’ve always considered them an asset. If any of my bigger-sized friends ever makes a comment about my shape, I just quote Wallis Simpson, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” That shuts them up.

  10. if u wanna enjoy ur lyf then u should really not care about ur skinny legs. same is wid me, evn i am having skinny legs and many ppl teases me. after all i have to listen to all that rubbish what my frnds say. who all are having thin legs should better wear boots on skirts. and if you have no option except jeans then i would suggest you to wear loose jeans, i mean not that jeans which is too tight for you with long and some what loose tops… make a high pony and wear a wrist watch or a bracelet kind of something. after getting ready you will find yourself looking much much better than before… i knw that it hurts a lot when our frnds point us out but jst ignore them or ask them that what type of clothes would suit you…

  11. Hi stefanie, try this website….duoboots.com they make knee high boots to order and start at really slim calf widths!! I am 31 inches around the lower leg and they made me a pair of great boots to order and sent them really quickly!! They are priced reasonably aswell. Its really funny reading the comments here as they all sound like me!! I have worn a pair of leggings under my jeans to look fuller and as for shorts and short dresses ….i wish i could wear them 🙁 Its only because ppl have said nasty comments from when i was at school, but now when i bump into ppl from school they are mostly overweight and they say “wow your so lucky your still slim” I have had two beautiful daughters, one aged 13 and the other 3 and last year i finally married my boyfriend…He is hndsome, kind and perfect to me. You only have one life and you really shouldnt let others spoil it!!! these models in magazines are fake, popstars and actresses covered in makeup and have a stylist on call…and at the end of the day isnt it better to have legs than none at all?? I only saw a young man yesterday who had lost both legs and an arm and the most inspiring thing was that he was still walking around with two fake metal limbs and driving a car!!! we are all subjected to thinking we have to be a certain way coz of other ppl …well maybe they were supposed to be like us!!!! 🙂 skinny legs and all xx

  12. I’ve been skinny all my life. I hated the name calling and teasing. I do not wear shorts dresses or skirts. I never knew what to do, I know I’m blessed to have two legs and 2 skinny arms to match but I’d just LOVE to wear a pretty dress with confidence, shorts or skirts when it’s too hot for anything else. I can’t afford the surgery.This is so depressing!

  13. Hi, I hear you all! I am 53 years old and have skinny legs all my life. I had than my share of teasing in school and some in college. To top it off my legs are very bowlegged! But it gets better with age. I do wear capris and skirts below the knee, it’s so great to feel feminine. just try to take the time to see what styles and colors work for you. God bless you all

  14. I’m 21 years old, 5’9 and 110 pounds. People say i’m beautiful alot but *sigh* I just don’t feel happy with my body. I hate when girls tell me “you need to eat more” “I would lend you some of my fat” >.< I eat alot but I don't gain weight fast (aka fast metabolism).It isn't easy for me since i'm black and as most of you know black women are mostly curvy. My mother and aunt was skinny like me growing up and now they have a sexy figure. So i'm hoping I gain some weigh to look like them. I can't wear the clothes I want to wear, I wish I could just wear short jeans on a hot summer days but I'm scared that people would laugh at my legs. People say that we should be happy we are skinny instead of being fat, but they don't know what we go through, having to becareful of what we are going to wear scared that people would laugh/insult us. 

  15. I have skinny legs and i wear whatever i want to wear. my body looks weird but, you know what? I dress to impress and I normally get nice comments from women and men about my clothes. really skinny legs wears really short shorts and skirts…the mid leg short or under the knee skirt make your legs looks skinnier. dont believe me? try! pencil skirt are sexy but, make sure you wear them above your knees. Shoes with an ankle straps are better for us. go to the gym and tone those legs. they wont get bigger but, toned legs makes a different. and at last, forget about your skinny legs and enjoy life! wear whatever you want anywhere!

  16. Wow it’s so great to know that there are sooo many women out there with the exact same thoughts and views on something that other people with “normal” sized legs would either not comprehend or would laugh at. I never knew I had chicken legs until I overheard a convo at a family barbeque where my aunts and uncles were discussing the best way to “get me some meat on my bones”. I thought, “I don’t see the diffrence between me and my cousins who are roughly the same age”. That night after my shower I looked at myself head to toe in the mirror like I’d done a bazillion times before; but this time I saw myself the way they saw me. I saw a skinny twig with no shape and disgusting skinny legs. I was 10. I’m now 26 and my complex has only deepened. Now every day I dress myself with the sole intention of making my bottom half look bigger. Most girls would gasp, faint, or want to slap me for even thinking this way but that’s because they have nice shapely legs that they wouldn’t dare want to look bigger and risk someone calling them fat. 
    My whole life has been a mission to gain weight down there but in the process, I’ve ruined my health, my waist-line and my skin (with all the stretch marks from gaining weight too quickly). I am top heavy and I accept that. I get in a jealous rage when I see girls going to the club or out on dates with their guys and they have on mini-skirts or leggings. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel confident in my lower half but I’m working on my self esteem and I’m working out my legs and I can report that I’ve seen significant change in the shape of my thighs and calves. NOTICE I didn’t say size only shape. Weight training will give you toned sexy legs that girls who don’t lift won’t have. Plus I’m improving my muscle and strength, I can’t be mad about that!
    I relate to all you gals with the same issue and thank you sincerely for sharing your stories. I especially feel the way brownslim does because we are both black women who exist within a culture where men praise bigger bottom halves (ass, thighs, hips). I feel like I won’t ever live up to that standard but I’ll take my skinny, now muscularly toned legs over some fat, jiggly, un-trained legs ANY DAY!!!

  17. Hey all, i was searching ansers what to wear for women with skinny legs and i came into this site.Reading everyones problems i found i am not alone :). But my problem is a little different than others, i had clubfoot when i was born so i had to go through an operation to correct my ankle parts. I am thankful to my GOD because i can walk and also to my perents because they have always supported me, tried to build my confidence. My thighs are ok but due to that problem lower legs could not grow properly so i have a very skinny legs, which i alwas tried to hide. But when i think what if my perents would not able to bear my medical expenses, what if i could not walk. Its nothing but just part of my body. so i thank GOD again whatever he has given me and i am not ashamed of my skinny legs . So girls always think positive and build your confidence, enjoy every bit of your life because we have one life and we will never get that time which we are wasting juss thinking what others thinking about our legs!!!

  18. Really sick of the skinny bashing that goes on – particularly on the web. Hey Apricot, jealous much? I bet you’re fat!

  19. I am one of six sisters and I am the only one with skinny legs. When you grow up in a family of girls, I guess it is a natural thing for people to “size you up”. I am naturally busty with a bit of midsection, and a slim hips, so my legs have always seemed disproportioned to the rest of my body. Where as my sisters were all blessed with more hour glass shapes. Growing up I was ridiculed by familly and friends alike. I am 36 now. When shopping, I search for clothes that will flatter my figure, however I still find myselft shying away from skirts, shorts and dresses. I find that I am becoming a little more confident as I get older, but it is still hard at times.

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