Lady Gaga Shows up Makeup-less for Her Romantic Date on the Beach


The pop lady who is usually oh so carefully groomed has finally decided to walk out on her appearance habits once when she showed up at a beach in Hawaii for a rendezvous with her boyfriend.

Lady Gaga with and without Makeup

Gone were the bold makeup strokes from her completely bare face, the blonde hair that could serve as a dressmaker’s advert was blown about the face freely.

Lady Gaga on the Beach

Gone her dressed-to-kill-or-shock turnout, for there was nothing out of the way either about her black bikini or about her large-size shirt; and everybody would be astounded to know that she had flip-flops on her feet!

Lady Gaga with Her Boyfriend

But the strangest thing was that Lady Gaga didn’t seem to give it a second thought as she was making it out with her boyfriend on Hawaiian black pebbles.

Her current boyfriend is somebody known only by his nickname Speedy. You could have seen him on the video set for Love Game. Rumors had it that she had broken up with him only last week after an especially arduous part of her tour – yet there they were, passionate as ever, kissing deeply in the full view of holidaymakers, Lady Gaga enveloping her lover with her legs.

Lady Gaga Kissing with Boyfriend

Another paparazzi video shows the amorous pop star in a hot encounter with three blonde men who definitely looked as if they were related to her – they even could be mistaken for women if you didn’t look too close.

Is it any wonder that her third single will be called Paparazzi? Look out for it some time next month.

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  1. Gee, I suppose if you have three people working ya for two hours, anyone can look good. I still like her, but was a little surprised at her “plainness”, I mean, she could go anywhere without makeup and no one would know who she was. Most celebrities are recognizable, even without makeup. Too bad men ( in every day life ) don`t wear makeup. Whoever said it was “feminine”, I`d like to kick their bones in disaray. And No, I ain`t gay.

  2. lady gaga is preety and every body is ugly in this world so you guys back off now she is a good woman i hope she heard taht because i ment that she looks beter then you.

  3. i hate the expectations put upon us women. shes beautiful just the way she is. every women is.

  4. You people are all brainwashed beyond comprehension.
    Lady gaga is the one of the ugliest mutations on this planet. Not even sure if its a “lady” cause it looks like a beast.

  5. she isn’t too bad looking even without makeup… I mean come on, the fashion industry and the whole capitalistic world are WAY too material! if you think that a woman should look the same with and without makeup, you should wake up to this world! It is different among us, guys, because we don’t use ANY makeup.

  6. @ oskari

    isn’t she the one who is material, dressing up in ridiculous clothes, singing about useless stuf like gagagaga romma maaa? making up rumours, just to sell cds? And then claiming she is the next madonna, even though she is just a pretentious fail? I especially hate the video with beyoncé “bad gaga” are they 12 year old or something? driving a pussywagon copy from kill bill….

  7. Are you all effin insane? Why do you feel the need to judge her? She makes amazing music and shows – enjoy it and stfu. She IS beautiful either way. Why cant you appreciate it. Woman’s beauty does come from make up but her confidence, talent and aura. Make is up is just an add on. get over it. The fact that she doesnt need to dress up and put make up on for her boyfriend is BEAUTIFUL. 

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