Snoring Makes People Fat

Scientists discovered that people who snore burn more calories in their sleep than those who don’t. They believe that the reason behind this is that snoring and disrupted breathing triggered by it lead to the increased activity of the nervous system. Generally speaking, a snoring person can not reach the deepest sleep.

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Scientists at University of California examined 212 patients who were either suffering from snoring, talking in their sleep, having difficulties breathing in their sleep, or even experiencing periodical blockage of breath. Later, the specialists calculated how many calories people with different levels of health problems burn.

As it turns out, people who snore regularly burn roughly 2000 calories per day, while people who snore occasionally use 1626 calories.

However, this fact does not mean that people who snore have slender figure; on the contrary, poor sleep and fatigue caused by it usually trigger people to eat more and choose high-energy foods.

Moreover, people who lack normal sleep tend to have less energy during the day and thus lead a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention absence of fitness and other healthy exercises. In combination with high-calorie diet such lifestyle eventually leads to obesity.

Snoring can be caused by various factors, such as enlarged tonsils, nasopharyngeal mucosa inflammation caused by allergies or infection, swellings, alcoholism, and others. Recent studies have also shown that people who sleep with pets, such as dogs, since childhood tend to have higher risk of snoring.

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