Celebrities Who Manage to Thrive on Scandals


We all stumble and fall, whether famous or ordinary and then have to pick ourselves up. Afterward, some people believe we are tainted for good, while others think everybody deserves a second chance. It’s a bit more difficult for celebrities because they are always in the limelight, and they have much more to lose. On the other hand, celebrities do have ways to turn a situation to their benefit. Their glamour can get them out of a sordid turn of affairs and help win over rivals. With some celebs, scandals blew over leaving them better off. To learn how they did it see below for some illustrious instances.

Drew Barrymore

In the 90s every man’s heartthrob, this famous descendant of the Barrymore family had her string of bad months. Not all of her fans are aware that the Gray Gardens star went through a highly irregular period when in teens. She went for a drink and substances in a big way and eventually found herself undergoing rehab. With her all-but-ruined image and plentiful tabloid coverage, she had a difficult job getting roles on movies. Finally, she succeeded in landing Hollywood jobs driven by “pure ambition and anger,” as she started describing her experience. She had been getting on on a small scale for a while before she made it spectacular with 1998’s The Wedding Singer. These days Barrymore is going strong with Netflix’s The Santa Clarita Diet and ready to take her career to further heights.

Chris Brown

When Chris Brown was still an upcoming performer, it really looked as if he could succeed in Michael Jackson’s throne. He looked and moved up to the mark, he became girls’ favorite quickly. He was moving up fast until the year 2009 when he was dating Rihanna: he was reported to have been extremely violent to her. That was only the beginning of Brown’s string of scandals that were widely publicized. Recently a French woman complained of having suffered in the hands of Brown and his pals. Whatever his personal ethics, the singer keeps turning out excellent songs. Hopefully, he will straighten out some day or will have the heart to ask for help with his immoderate behavior.

Tiger Woods

Once Tiger Woods got embroiled in an uproarious scandal, and one would suppose that once will be enough for him, yet there are people who don’t get caught so easily. In the wake of his cheating episode in 2017, he got in trouble with the police that was splashed all over papers. But Woods knows the trick of drawing public attention away from his shortcomings and remind of his numerous achievements instead. However bad his notoriety may be, he retains his lofty position in sports. You can’t bring a good Woods down.


Come to think of it, why should famous and creative individuals like Kesha have any problems in their lives at all? What’s more, problems that last for a year and longer. But that’s exactly what Kesha has had. According to reports, the top-ten single artist and Dr. Luke, her producer, fell out in such a big way that the quarrels were relegated to authorities for settlement. Since Kesha was tied by a contract, she couldn’t put out her next release. Her third album came out five years later, in 2017, and Rainbow proved to be both an expression of pent-up emotions and a great success she had been working for. Now, having ensured her strong comeback, Kesha will hopefully come out a winner from her long-dragging legal case and spread her wings to give us even better music!

Reese Witherspoon

Here comes another girl who has been every man’s dream for long years – but it all changed when Witherspoon clashed with the police. When the episode was bruited about, Witherspoon’s sweetness began to dwindle quickly. Some fans were surely flabbergasted to find out that the actress turned out to be less than perfect. Six years ago the award-winning actress showed disorderly conduct when she and her husband were stopped by traffic police and he was found drunk. There was a video of the scene, and if you care to watch it, her behavior doesn’t seem to be so weird – haters must have played it up. If it had been someone less spectacular, there would have been no gossip and no scandal. We can be more considerate of our stars.

Will Smith

With so many celebrities their green years turn out to be a tumultuous and troublesome time. No matter how good Will Smith is, he wasn’t able to avoid a spell of bad weather. He is an amusing and agreeable chap, but he does have his dark moments. Back in 1989 as he was striving to build his career he had words with his record promoter, and the dispute was resolved by Smith attacking the fellow. Oh, he didn’t do it personally, he had a bodyguard that obeyed his wishes. So it transpired that Smith was taken to a jail in West Philadelphia where he was called upon to give autographs to the inmates, the procedure that took most of the night. Maybe it was exciting at the time, but if Will Smith refuses to comment on that, it will be quite understandable.