Celebrities Whose Small Chest Augments Their Beauty

Beauty, as we know, is in the eye of the beholder. The thing is, beholders are so different, all of them holding strictly personal views on what is beautiful and what is only pleasing. Although there is a scientific method of telling the really beautiful from the merely pretty – for example, attractive people are those whose bodies and facial features are symmetrical (that is, both sides of their physical and mental natures are in harmony) – it is difficult to say whether this works so strongly in ordinary life.

The concept of beauty is usually applied to men with more leniency than to women: they should be healthy, have a well-proportioned sport-sculpted body, smile charmingly and dress with taste – and they are eligible for the race, even if their face looks more like a lump of clay than an effigy of Apollo. The world has gone many steps towards establishing equality between men and women, yet men are still at the helm, and this difference in approaches may be in evidence because men’s wishes come out on top; although you can say that women are simply more understanding. On the other hand, women’s beauty standards can be regarded as fastidious, precise to the point of being unachievable and altogether ridiculous. Unless you want a crowd of Barbies walking the streets (tall, rounded above and below a reed-thin waist) you should understand that you are putting plastic surgery results over personality.

It’s high time we accepted that the modern idea of female beauty is a washout. To be sexy like hell a woman doesn’t need to be tall as a basketball player, thin as a needle and endowed with two weighty melons in front. You don’t believe it? Here are some examples of sizzling-hot ladies who are prominent in many ways except their chests.

Iggy Azalea

Do you remember the woman who sang together with Ariana Grande on the latter’s hit Problem? She is Australian sexy rapper Iggy Azalea, the woman who infused some new blood into rap. Black women struggled hard to conquer and establish themselves as rappers of merit; white women still have to struggle even harder. Iggy Azalea is a popular white female rapper, and there are not many like her on the whole Australian continent. She got many of her hits rotating on the radio (Black Widow, Team, Fancy) and shows no signs of stopping. Discussing her general appearance, she behind came in for its share of praise, although Azalea has a rather humbler upper body. Nevertheless, she more than compensates for any seeming deficiencies by her bold choice of clothing, and she carries herself with perfect assurance whether she finds herself on stage or on a sports track in a gym.

Kendall Jenner

You can argue that Kendall Jenner lacks perfection in some ways and cannot be compared with the shining beauties of this world – but there’s no doubting that she is a sexy piece that makes men sit up and take notice. We can’t say that she acts brilliantly – she doesn’t, but nor does she act worse than other members of her family, so what? Also, she may be not the best of conversationalists, well, just good enough for a girl of a bit over 20 with a spot of education. The adverts she appears it may not be the pride of the advertising industry either (like that trashy Pepsi stuff that everybody wants to forget immediately upon seeing it), but when it comes to the lady’s looks, she is a winner and a marvel! And it seems she doesn’t have to do anything special to be so alluring – she was born this way! Or, alternatively, she acquired her ability by watching her elder sisters taking care of themselves and picked up a few hints, or she can buy the best that the world can offer us women – who knows? Anyway, the fact is obvious and highly pleasing!

Cara Delevingne

Delevingne began her way to fame as a model and proved to the world very quickly that she excels at that. The common story is that the modeling business presses girls into altering their appearance to meet the requirements of its work and gets rid of them quickly if they fail to go along. Now, Cara Delevingne managed to become this rare kind of model that sets her own standards of beauty rather than bends to the existing rules. She supported the idea that thick eyebrows look really sexy (while men may not think about it at all, it is a poignant issue for women). Her other statement says that boob size isn’t everything. She has her point, considering what a successful model and later actress she is (with her playing lead roles in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad). Delevingne is happy with her body and knows that she can rely on it in building her career. And, being so sexy, she may set some more standards of beauty yet!

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson’s name doesn’t fly so high as that of some of her colleagues (like Katie Holmes, for one) – although there’s nothing in the way of her coming up in glory. She has to her credit a couple of shows, namely The O.C. and Hart of Dixie, several leading roles in blockbusters, Jumper and The To Do List coming to mind. Discussing top-list actors, you may omit her name, but once you see her, it’s a totally different story. She strikes home at once, being almost unbelievably marvelous in any of her moods (elegant and fashionable or modest but playful). Only when you look more closely you notice that her breasts are not very big ones. Consequently now and then Bilson allows herself to step out without her bra, togging up an outfit that does credit to her svelte body and shapely waist. Anyhow, she manages to look devastatingly sexy without having plentiful boobs up front.

Ariana Grande

It’s not a long time ago that Ariana Grande was so young that nobody would dream of discussing her sexiness and comparing her to other sex symbols – and she still looks as though she were expected at school at this very moment. Yet despite her age, she poses herself a sexy pop star, and there’s nothing to stop us from discussing her charms – and her chest.

At 24 Grande has made an enviable career singing pop tunes, and her string of hits like Side to Side, Into You, and Problem brought her dollars in millions. In the best Playboy tradition, she is fond of making herself out as a coy schoolgirl or putting on a pair of bunny ears. And though she cannot boast great support from her upper section (her breasts are not her most eye-catching part), she brings her images across ideally (whether it is intentional or not). Grande’s face and body speak volumes about sex without voluptuous addenda.

FKA Twigs

Right, you may not get the message at the very first moment, so hold on and regard. Here is a woman who is terrific and overwhelming, and can come across perfectly as witnessed by this cover photo for V Magazine. Appreciate her sexiness and talent for she has got both.

FKA Twigs is not a model, though – she is a British singer who composes avant-garde music that is a highly individual blend of various styles smacking of R&B and EDM. While she is a ground-breaking musician (and producer!), you won’t be thinking of music looking at her – do you? Yes, FKA Twigs is as sexy as they make them beyond any doubts… Even though her chest can hardly be anyone’s wet dream, it doesn’t take away from her fetching looks. For one, Robert Pattinson is such a fan of hers that he went and got engaged to her, and they seem a happy pair.


First and foremost, Rihanna is an undisputed Queen. There’s hardly anyone who would think of passing any criticisms about her body, and if there should turn up such a person, Rihanna would bring them down to the ground for defamation. She has loads of talent and sex-appeal, so she is in the right and defamers are in the wrong from the start. So, Rihanna is absolute, undeniably magnificent and sumptuous. She can be acerbic and inviting at the same moment, her derriere, her face are among the best nature can supply. If she has to have one small shortcoming, that may be in the boob section – but it’s not so great she couldn’t mend the fact by dressing right. So, any dissenting voice that she is a goddess descended to us will fall on deaf ears.

Maggie Q

Speaking of Asian-American entertainment world sex icons, the name of Lucy Liu comes to mind at once – and stays, although, by the way, her chest is not of stunning proportions, either. Well, lately Liu has moved over some to yield at least part of the throne to Maggie Q, an actress from Hawaii. The lady has Vietnam, Polish and Irish blood in her veins and a body that is gorgeous in its every inch. If the name doesn’t strike the bell immediately, cast your mind back to Mission Impossible III, Divergent, Live Free or Die Hard and TV show Nikita where you won’t be able to miss her! Maggie Q is a wizard of martial arts and her abilities as displayed on set are as professional as they are superb. Oh, and she is so sexy that you may even fail to pay attention to the fact that she is not very full in the breast. By the way, it didn’t impair her modeling either, for she worked as a model in her pre-acting days.

Zoe Saldana

Do you need a very noticeable chest for becoming a top actress? No, you don’t, as many famous actresses will tell you – Zoe Saldana, for one, who is extremely wealthy and still moving up her career steps swiftly. Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar, Colombiana, Nina, The Losers – here’s a much-shortened list of the box-office hit movies she graced with her acting. Besides, she is in for eight more movies to be released in the coming years – she has work cut out for her in sequels to Avatar and The Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy series. When you look at her you think only about how scintillatingly sexy she is and forget salient details of her biography – namely, that she is 39, she has a husband and gave birth to three, THREE children! So she is highly successful in her work, private life and maintaining an awesome degree of fitness. Only her cup size remains fairly small – but who cares?

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o’s career is still not as impressive as that of other actresses on this list, but she is firmly set on achieving lofty goals, and her appearances in movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Jungle Book, and 12 Years a Slave show that she is set to become a prominent young actress in the foreseeable future. Judging by her prowess in those movies that everybody saw (if you haven’t, it is worth your while to do it) we can expect from her further displays of wonderful acting – and sexiness! Lupita’s style is not quite ordinary for an actress: a military short haircut, her humble but self-assured manners in conjunction with a princess-like way of turning herself out produce an unforgettable impression. She is minus desirable stand-out boobs, but that doesn’t take anything away from her super-sexy statement.

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