Awesome Indoor Farm OGarden

The OGarden circular vertical farm received a significant smart improvement. Structurally, a home farm is a vertical wheel with the parameters 135x75x38 cm. On the inner surface of a hollow cylinder, there are 60 cells for plants. In the center of the cylinder, there is a LED lamp. The wheel constantly rotates to compensate for the load on the root system. Additionally, 30 cells for seedlings can be placed on the surface of the wheel.

OGarden farm was created for the cultivation of leafy greens, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, small peppers, and ornamental plants. Using the minimum area, you can get fresh greens, berries and vegetables all year round.

The renewed farm is equipped with an automatic irrigation system, a water supply for 10 days, and a warning system informing about the need to add water. Crops can be obtained every 30-40 days. The price of a basic home farm with a set of seedlings is $500.

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