Sex and Laughter Have Much in Common

What do sex and laughter have in common? Turns out they are equal in many things. You can learn more from this article.

Man and woman

Whether you laugh or have sex, the process is accompanied by complex biochemical reactions which lower the levels of stress-causing hormones like cortisone and adrenaline. Both laugher and sex are relaxing. They also cause a surge of endorphins, which gets you high and strengthens your immune system. Endorphins greatly ease any pain, from headaches and arthritis pains to a migraine. Women experience an increase in estrogen levels during sex, which prevents PMS syndrome.

We can do a simple math to found that laughing during sex is the way to double exciting portion of endorphins. There is no evidence to support the calculation, though. So if interested, you have to test it on yourself.

Exercise Machines

Laughter, sex, and physical exercises are almost the same in what health effects they bring. By the way, exercising increases the release of endorphins, too. Scientists from Stanford University estimated that laughing 100 times physically equals to working out on a rowing machine for ten minutes.

We use about 80 muscles to laugh with more pressure on abdominal muscles, which supports intestinal tract health. It would be, of course, ridiculous to say that laughter could replace fitness or would help us to develop strengths or stamina. But it would definitely increase training effect.

As far as sex is concerned, passionate sex burns 200 calories, about the same number burned by running for 15 minutes. The heart rate of a sexually excited person increases from 70 to 150. The same happens when you work out in a gym.

When we laugh, muscles contract and relax alternatively; it is like “workout” for facial muscles. In case you don’t know, facial muscles activity helps improve blood supply to the brain. It results in better mental capacity – fresh ideas and right decisions start popping in your head.

Latest studies showed that sex has the same effect: orgasm increases IQ level of women.

Protection from the Common Cold

Finally, both laughter and sex greatly stimulate the immune system. It is noticed that laughter club members rarely suffer from flu and colds. That’s because laughing activates so-called killer-cells regulated by our immune system.

Sex brings exactly the same effect. Moderate sexual activity results in stronger immune system. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that those who have sex 1-2 times a week have 30% higher levels of antibodies called immunoglobulin A than those who have sex less often.

Phases of Sex and Laughter

The studies of nervous system conducted by the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Toronto, Canada, made it possible for scientists to deliver surprising facts about female laughter. It turned out that in female brain the same zones are excited during sex and laughter. This is what explains why many women experience sexual feelings when they laugh. When researchers tried to determine the phases of laughter, they discovered their exact similarity with sexual excitement phases.

The Prelude

During the first phase of laughter, a kind of prelude, our neck, arms and breast blush and body temperature is increased. Doesn’t it resemble what happens during sex prelude?

The Intercourse

In the next phase of laughter, facial muscles strain by themselves, the skin becomes more sensitive, and we start breathing quickly and unevenly. Then, eyes become wet and we close them, just like during orgasm.

Post-Orgasmic Phase

Like after having sex, when we stop roaring with laughter, our muscles relax, body temperature and breathing normalize and blushed skin goes away. So it’s no wonder why some women can experience something similar to orgasm when they laugh.

It has nothing to do with men. They laugh differently.

Humor Strengthens Marriage

Is it ok to laugh during sex? Why not, if you don’t mock your partner, of course. Playful mood, laughter and jokes are easy and reliable way to ignite sexual relationship and keep boredom out your bedroom. There is an exception, though. You should know the limits. Laughter may help relax and set the mood but laughing too much before the “action” can leave you less passionate during sex.

Woman may feel exhausted for some time after good belly laugh, just like she feels after orgasm.

According to sex experts, those who have a positive and relaxing attitude to sex significantly increase their chances to achieve orgasm. What’s more, hilarious couples have stronger marriage. Bright and emotionally saturated relationship is hardly a reason to seek love affair outside marriage.

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