4 Essential Fitness Tips

Woman Measuring Waist in a GymWe all want to look beautiful and fit, gain a bit more muscles instead of that fat on side abs and hips. We all want to be healthier and sexier than others. This is why we spend so much time in the gym. But pretty often our efforts don’t end in immediate weight loss and quick fat burn. Why? What do we do wrong? Today we are going to discuss the most common mistakes in the gym that not only hinder your achievements but also can damage your health. Below you will find four most important fitness tips.

Choose Your Own Diet Plan and Fitness Program

So often does it happen that women in pursuit of the popular diet or some fitness program forget about their individuality. For example, they heard Madonna say in the interview about yoga helping her to be in shape – and everybody switch to yoga. Then there is another slim idol who shares his or her secret of beauty – and women get immediately inspired by the new idea and ask for this particular program in a gym. Remember – It doesn’t matter how many abdominal muscle exercises Angelina Jolie does every day. You need your own program because you have different goals and – what’s more important – different body. Your goals should be real. Choose fitness program together with your trainer. It might be that good old shaping will bring you better results.

Aerobic Exercises or Power Training? Both!

Women know that aerobic exercises burn off excessive weight faster than power trainings. For this reason power training exercises are so often omitted. Some women are afraid of building too big muscles. How wrong they are! Numerous studies show that power training exercises contribute to weight loss significantly. As women grow older, their body is losing muscle mass. This natural physiological process flows with the speed of approximately 5 pounds per 10 years. With loss of muscle tissue, metabolism slows. It’s known that metabolic rate is directly related to dieting. That is why muscles require training. Together with this scientifically proved fact there is another one: those who want to lose more than 8 pounds through aerobics only are at risk of acquiring Shar Pei-like folds.

Never Skip Warming-up and Stretching

You were late for warming-up? Spent less time on stretching thinking it’s not important? That’s the biggest mistake. Any training, whether cardio or power, must start with a short warming-up. Muscles should be ready for exercising – this will minimize the injury risks. Stretching after exercises trains not only your flexibility. It also fixes the effect of all training. It was a long time ago when specialists found out that stretching after exercising makes training 19% more effective. I don’t think this figure is so small to ignore it. Moreover, stretching makes the pulse slower, thus it protects cardiovascular system from stresses. In short, smooth start of exercising (warming-up) and smooth finishing (stretching) are crucial.

Make Your Fitness Program Diverse

Diversity is a great thing which is necessary everywhere, including fitness. It’s impossible to perform the same exercises for years! Improve your program every 4-6 weeks. Not all the program – just gradually change some exercises, later you can come back to them. Otherwise your muscles will adjust. You can also vary the number of reps and amount of weights. If that’s a cardio training, you may change the time and intensity of exercises.