How to Survive Sugar Detox?


How many times have you tried to survive sugar detox? You are not alone. Here are a few simple steps, following which you can still give up sugar addiction without experiencing such “torturing”.

Get ready

Before you decide to flee from the “white enemy”, prepare a few escape routes—free your cupboards and refrigerator from sweets that catch your eye at the most critical moment.

Avoid falling blood sugar

Do this by adding more fiber to your diet, found in whole-grain bread, pasta, quinoa, rice, and oatmeal. Eat small meals more often.

Find a useful alternative

A handful of nuts or dried fruit will successfully replace the snacks you are used to taking in the supermarket.

Forget diet drinks

In most cases, diet drinks contain a sugar substitute – saccharin or sucralose. Such foods are often referred to as low-calorie foods, but they slow down the metabolism due to their chemical composition. Therefore, there is nothing better than a glass of water with a lemon slice and fresh mint.

Awaken your senses

It may sound strange, but some people benefit from the vanilla pod: you need to smell it every time you want something sweet. The scent of vanilla can help fight sugar cravings.

Pay attention to the ingredients

In addition to sugar, pay attention to honey, fructose, syrups, fruit juice concentrates. And don’t forget: the higher the ingredient is on the list, the more of it can be found in the product composition.

Plan your day

Let your everyday life finally become productive. Make appointments, study with enthusiasm. This helps to distract from the annoying thoughts about sweets.

Add spices

A pinch of cinnamon in your morning oatmeal will help diversify your breakfast and lower your blood sugar.

Take up sports

If your relationship with sugar has a psychological background, endorphins will help. They are produced during sports, so it’s time to visit a fitness room or a gym.

Plan your snacks responsibly

According to statistics, people exceed their calorie intake by 50% due to snacking. Think ahead about what you will eat during the day. Add high protein foods.

Divide your sweets in portions

Do not give up sugar abruptly: it will most likely be too difficult for you. Therefore, reduce the amount every day so that you can experience rejection without stress. In the morning, add one spoon less to the coffee, take celery instead of an apple for a snack. Or eat sweets only every other day at first.

Watch your sleep

Lack of sleep not only affects your appearance but it also increases your sugar cravings. Get enough sleep and find your best daily routine.

Eat more vegetables

When choosing between fruits and vegetables, give preference to the latter. Vegetables contain all the micronutrients you need, and fiber will keep you energized throughout the day and reduce sugar cravings.

More walks

Add evening walks to your schedule, so you can avoid watching evening TV shows and eating chips.

Change your thinking

Don’t take quitting sugar as a punishment. Focus on the result you have already achieved. Praise yourself more often, keep a diary: this will help you reconfigure yourself and take your thoughts positively.

Eat slowly

Involve your taste buds. Enjoy the process. Don’t worry about what dessert is waiting for you at the end of dinner. Remember the here and now principle.

Cook it yourself

If you look closely at the ingredients, you’ll probably notice that many “unsweetened” foods contain sugar, and it is not at the bottom of the list. Therefore, spare some time and find good recipes: homemade food will not include such “surprises”, because it’s you who controls ist ingredients.

Come up with a plan B

When you are drawn to sweets again, get some berries, nuts, and fruits. Buy them in advance and keep them just in case.