Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Bigger

To make the eyes appear bigger, just resort to the use of decorative cosmetics. If used correctly, you can add clarity and depth to the gaze, emphasizing the eyes’ color and focusing on them.

Get rid of under-eye circles

Fatigue marks and dark circles make the eyes smaller and unhealthy. Use moisturizing patches or cream and then apply concealer to the under-eye area and moving the eyelid for a uniform color.

Choose a concealer a tone lighter than your skin and blend it thoroughly with your fingers or a makeup sponge.

Draw the space between the eyelashes

You don’t need to draw lines to make your eyes look brighter. It is enough to emphasize the eyelashes’ growth line with a liner or pencil, so the eyes will acquire a clear shape.

Another way is to draw a thin, neat line from the center of the eye with a pencil, making it slightly thicker towards the corners. Do the same for the lower eyelid and blend it thoroughly.

Curl your eyelashes with tweezers

Parted and curled eyelashes instantly make your look more expressive and profound. It is essential to do this for straight eyelashes owners – they can cast a shadow on the area around the eyes, visually narrowing them.

Use mascara

Lengthening mascara is an indispensable tool for making your eyes look bigger.

Paint the lashes carefully, moving from roots to tips and curling them a little to create a beautiful curve. Use a brush to separate stuck lashes and remove excess mascara.

For evening makeup, stick some false eyelashes to the outer corners of your eyes and for a more natural daytime makeup, use brown mascara.

Accentuate the contour of the lower eyelid

Outline the lower eyelid (water line) with a cream or light pink pencil. The light line will merge with the eye’s white, due to which it will appear larger, and the look will become fresh and rested.

Don’t forget the highlighter

Highlight the eye’s inner corner and the area under the eyebrows – this will raise your eyes and open your eyes. For fair skin, use warm cream colors, and for olive skin, use golden hues.

Combine dark and light shadows

To visually enlarge the eyes, use combinations of different shades. Apply dark shadows to the eye’s outer corner and the crease of the eyelid to emphasize the natural contour of the eye.

Apply accentuated light shades in the center. Blend the shadows gently to avoid sharp transitions.

Watch your eyebrows

Extra hairs above the eyes will look sloppy and reduce the space around the eyes, so be sure to tweak your eyebrows in time.

To create a more harmonious makeup, color the bald spots in the eyebrows with a pencil or shadow and shape them with a transparent gel.

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