White Clothes Myths & Truth

White is a color full of contradictions. It is endowed with hundreds of different meanings, implications, and literally legends, which are not always beautiful ones. There is a number of myths and truth about white clothes. They scare off many girls. We have collected 5 misconceptions about white that prevent many from wearing this color. We don’t believe in this – and you shouldn’t either.

White makes you plump

This must be the most famous and enduring stereotype about the white color in the entire history of mankind. We bet that you have repeatedly refused to buy a white dress or sweater because of the mere thought that they would make you fat.

We want to reassure you at once: it is the incorrectly selected silhouette rather than the shade that makes you look fat. If you take into account the peculiarities of your figure and its proportions, white clothes will not threaten you with anything.

Suitable only for brunettes

Another common legend is that blonde women should not wear white because it will make them paler. It is believed only dark-skinned brunettes are allowed to wear white things. Let’s debunk this myth!

On the contrary, white can be advised to blondes – and they can afford even the purest and brightest shades, whereas girls with dark hair should pay attention to more delicate milky tones.

You cannot combine different shades of white

You must have heard more than once that wearing things in different shades of white together is a bad idea. The darker one is supposed to look “dirty” in this case, so you should either limit yourself to one white thing for the whole image or pedantically check the shades with each other for a perfect match.

Nonsense: different tones of this color are great friends – and their combo creates a very interesting effect that adds complexity and depth to any outfit.

White is a “summer” color

Do you wear white only during the warmer months? It’s time to stop doing this. In winter, it looks no worse, and maybe even more spectacular.

Just imagine a white faux fur coat or a down jacket against the background of fresh crisp snow. Sounds great? Of course! So go and try on this amazing look.

White is only for holidays

Another strange myth. They say, white is only suitable for special occasions. Maybe, it’s the brides’ “monopoly” to use this shade: as you know, white is the traditional color of a wedding dress.

Whatever the reason, we believe that it is equally suitable for everyday use, though the silhouettes need to be chosen appropriately in this case.

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