Kate Middleton’s Hairstyle Requires 13 Brushes

Kate Middleton’s hairstyle has become her trademark, just as the Duchess’s broad smile. Prince William’s wife does not need a precious tiara to shine in the light – her beautifully styled curls are just enough.

This was not always the case for Catherine. In her student years, she was not particularly fond of styling and could simply put her hair back with sunglasses. However, this was precisely the Kate the British prince fell in love with.

After the wedding, the new status required a lot, so our heroine used every opportunity to provide herself with the best care. For eight years, the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair has been handled by Amanda Cook Tucker.

The stylist needs 13 brushes, seven combs, two hairdryers, three curlers and six products for perfect styling – a worthy collection for the future queen. It sounds quite scary: it must be for a reason that Prince William once compared his wife’s hairstyling procedure to a nightmare.

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