Why Thin Hair Needs Coconut Water

Everyone knows the benefits of coconut oil: it moisturizes hair and acts as an emollient. However, for many people, the oil may seem too fatty, and sometimes it makes fine hair feel heavy. The solution is coconut water, which is rich in many nutrients – just as the oil itself.

Coconut water is a clear liquid found inside the coconut. Popular in many cultures, this drink is also considered a natural cocktail for athletes due to its high content of organic electrolytes and sugars.

In addition, coconut water contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytohormones that provide moisture when applied directly to the hair.

Hydration and volume

Coconut water moisturizes hair without making it heavy. Water penetrates deeply into the hair shaft and moisturizes it perfectly. Water does not have the softening properties of the oil, and yet hydration and volume are guaranteed.

Scalp nutrition

Coconut water is rich in certain vitamins and minerals, making it a natural anti-inflammatory agent. This water can soothe an itchy scalp.

It prevents dandruff

Moisturizing prevents dry scalp, which is why water can be used to treat and prevent dandruff. The anti-inflammatory properties help with a flaky scalp.

It makes the hair more even

The moisturizing effect on the hair has another undeniable advantage: the hair remains manageable and looks more even.

It strengthens hair strands

Dry hair is very often brittle and prone to hair loss. Dryness and brittleness also lead to thinning hair. Coconut water moisturizes, increases the elasticity of the strands, and reduces their brittleness. Besides, it can promote new growth.

How to use coconut water for hair

It’s important to choose coconut water without added sugar or other flavors. Only organic water will bring maximum benefits to your hair. At the same time, you can additionally drink coconut water to achieve greater efficiency.

You can rinse your hair with coconut water after shampooing for extra moisture. This product can be applied without diluting it. In addition, water is added to the shampoo or conditioner.

You can make your own moisturizing spray: mix a glass of coconut water and a glass of water and then pour the mixture into the spray bottle. Apply this spray to wet hair before brushing.

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