The Top 8 Haircuts Trends 2021

After the year we’ve had that’s 2020, it’s definitely a good time to make a change in 2021. Whether you dealt with a bad break-up or gained a promotion, treating yourself to a bit of pampering is something that we can all appreciate. With that in mind, let’s look at the top haircut trends for 2021. Today’s tips are provided by a Brisbane-based beauty blogger and writer Marie Lind. But the trends she’s sharing with us can be seen all over the world. Read on to find out the hottest haircut trends of the year!

The Mullet

Thanks to the likes of Miley Cyrus, it seems as though the once eye-sore that is the mullet, is fast becoming one of the most popular haircut trends to come back around. It’s all about business in the front and a party in the back with this hairstyle and the 2021’s version seems to have a softer cut and finish. With shorter face-framing layers and then added length in the back, it’s one that’s might be a marmite haircut.

mullet haircut of miley cyrus

With this type of hairstyle, you want to give it that bit of edge and to ensure there’s plenty of texture in the ends. Make sure to ask your stylist to go in with a razor to provide more texture and be sure to invest in the right product to give your roots a little volume and to help highlight those layers at the front.

Natural Curls

This hairstyle, may in part, have been influenced by the popular social media platform Tiktok. Both men and women have discovered that what they thought was wavy hair is actually curly. It requires a bit of specificity when washing and drying your hair. If you’re not quite sure, then it’s a good idea to speak to your hairstylist for recommendations on products.

Embracing your natural curls is not only trendy but also helps improve the health of your hair. When heading over to your hairstylist, make sure they’re using the right products and method of styling. Natural curls will also require dry cutting as cutting them while wet might not produce the style of cut that the curls required.

The Bob

An iconic cut, the bob is back, and it’s a popular one for all ages. It’s aesthetically pleasing when a bob sits perfectly under or alongside the jawbone. With bobs, you don’t have the fear of the unknown. No more waking up with an extreme bed head because you’ll have a hairstyle that stays straight and has a glossy finish. Not only that but, with a shorter cut, it means less maintenance and drying time on your part.

With this hair cut, it also provides a very flattering edge when using a flat iron to add waves. In regards to the length, it’s really up to your preference and personal style. You may want it to show off that fabulous jawline or perhaps to help add some definition to your shoulders. Even though a bob might be a haircut trend that’s been around for a while, it’s a very customizable cut.

Shag Cut

retro Shag haircut - pinterest

The retro shag cut is back in 2021, and people are loving it. From the likes of Selena Gomez to Taylor Swift, they’re all providing us with a fresh take on what is a 70s cut. It’s a classic shape that can be customized depending on the curl texture. It’s also something that looks great on blondes or those with balayage hair. It’s also one of those haircuts that can help take years off your face. It’s a very youthful cut so if you fancy turning back the clock by a few years, then it’s certainly worth a try.

Curtain Bangs

For those who are looking to do something a little different with their face shape, curtain bangs were a popular haircut in 2020 and continue to be popular as we head into 2021. They’re a great way of softening up the face but also allow for a bit of styling. Unlike full fringes, these curtain bangs also grow out a little more gracefully and with very little frustration on your part. Curtain bangs are a lot more low-maintenance than other types of bangs, and it means you can therefore go longer without a trim.

Whether you normally wear your hair up or down, these curtain bangs definitely help add a little something extra to your everyday look. And they’re certainly a good shout for trying bangs for the first time. They’re a little more easily moveable and can be hidden a little better if it turns out to be something you don’t actually like.

Wigs Or Extensions

Wigs have often been something that not many people tend to wear, but since more celebrities have embraced their creative side and social media playing a part in it also, hairpieces are fast becoming a firm feature on many a vanity table. Whether you go bold with a completely different look or you simply want to elevate your natural haircut, a wig or extensions can certainly be a popular choice. They are quite often seen nowadays on the streets of Brisbane, but if it’s not the fact in your city, what about becoming a trendsetter?

Hairpieces can add a little something different to the overall look, and they can be a great way of trying something daring without it being permanent. Always wanted to try out grey hair? Well, you can when purchasing a wig. Whatever you fancy trying, a hairpiece is something worth having to mix things up a little.

Pixie Cut

When visiting your Brisbane hairdresser next time, you may feel inspired to chop off a huge chunk of hair. Due to the recent events of the pandemic, many are choosing to symbolically let go of the weight of 2020 with a pixie cut. Not only are they cute as hell, but they also offer an extremely low maintenance routine, and it’s a big move that for many, is much-needed for 2021. So if you fancy embracing the Halle Berry pixie cut, then why not go for it? It may help with manifesting a trip to somewhere tropical where you can get in touch with your inner Bond girl.

So whether it’s a pixie cut or a mullet, 2021 is certainly giving us ‘throw caution to the wind’ vibes. Why not try something a little daring this year? If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that life is too short.

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