Bradigan Is the Hottest Combo of the Season

This summer, fashionistas literally gave cardigans a second life. Earlier, only conservative and boring examples of this wardrobe item came to mind, but now the cardigan has become the main fashionable thing of the season. However, it is completed with a crop top or bra these days. “Bradigan”, which literally means “bra + cardigan”, is a set made of the same fabric in one shade (so as not to suffer through selecting the rest of the outfit). Now Bradigan is the hottest trend.

The bra has long ceased to be the thing that needs hiding – designers actively include lingerie elements in everyday looks, wearing bras over dresses or mixing them with bulky jackets and cardigans.

Some brands have transformed the idea of a bradigan and replaced the bra with a regular crop top and even a T-shirt – a practical and wearable option for those who are not ready for revealing outfits.

If you opt for a standard bradigan, mix it with jeans and trousers at the high waist, leaving a thin strip of leather exposed.

Another stylization is a knitted bra over a voluminous shirt or a slip dress. Longer set options give you more freedom to choose the bottom – it can be leather shorts, midi skirts or actual trousers at the low waist.

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