7 Reasons to Buy a New Bra

As a rule, ladies love shopping. Not everyone, and not without exception, as it may be suggested by numerous stereotypes. However, buying new things can help us cheer up and even improve our self-esteem. Among the abundance of things that we want to take to the cashier’s desk, we pay undeservedly little attention to bras. They need to be changed much more often than shoes, dresses or applications on your smartphone. Next, you will read about 7 good reasons why you should not postpone a visit to the lingerie store!


Believe it: you should not wait until your bra gets shabby to start thinking about visiting a store to buy a new one. This delicate piece of your wardrobe deserves attention, care and frequent change. After all, it is constantly in contact with the delicate areas of your body. It can even have impact on women’s health. So comfort is above everything else. If you recognize yourself or your bra at least in one of the reasons given below, it’s time to rush for shopping!

Reason 1: You have lost weight or gained weight

belly-weight-loss-jeans-absEven if it seems to you that your breast size remains the same after a diet or a prolonged “nourishing” winter, most likely it is not true. Breasts almost entirely consist of adipose tissue, so any weight fluctuation instantly influences the contents of your bra. Changing a diet or celebrating a month of training in the gym, do not forget to try on new clothes. Or even try a new size.

Reason 2: Your bra is stretched

girl-woman-bra-underwear-lingerieThis does not mean that it is hanging loosely under your clothing. Perhaps you do not even notice these changes. But if you are constantly tightening the straps, you urgently need to go shopping. After all, this bra can no longer provide adequate support.

Reason 3: Traces of wearing a bra are becoming more apparent

bullet-bra-retroHigh-quality bras can really last for years under the condition of proper care, such as hand washing and drying in a natural way. If the straps look worn, and the cups seem flattened (“wrinkled”) from the inside, such a bra should be replaced immediately!

Reason 4: Something is wrong with the straps

Wearing-Bra-Over-4Do you have to constantly straighten the strap that keeps falling from your shoulder? Do straps leave red furrows on your skin? Do you always tighten the straps as much as possible or loosen them to the maximum? All these signs point to the fact that the bra does not suit you. Maybe you never pay attention to the fact that bras differ not only by the size of the cup, but also by the length of their straps. Spend a little more time in the store trying on your new bra not to regret about the choice. Or buy an extra pair of universal straps.

Reason 5: It does not cover your breasts completely

angelina_jolie_new-boobs1Perhaps you like the effect when breasts are about to escape from the coquettish bra, but it’s not really good for your health. The cups should provide maximum support (and not pressure!) and cover the breasts. Examine the area under the arms: if you find a skin fold over the strap, it is necessary to buy a new bra.

Reason 6: It does not fit you well

700-bra-breasts-woman-sexyWe are all different and so is the shape of our breasts. But in any case, look carefully: the center of the bra should be exactly in the middle of your chest – not a centimeter to the side. Otherwise, it may result in misallocation of burden on the muscles and health problems in the future.

Reason 7: You feel uncomfortable

700-breast-boobs-bossom-breasts-augmentation-job-hotThe only important parameter when choosing a bra is comfort. Not the brand, not the print or lace, but comfort. In fact, you should not feel the presence of this clothing item on the body during the day. If you constantly correct the straps or force your breasts to “sit still”, the bra should be replaced urgently. No matter how nice it used to be. Or at least leave it for some special occasions.

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