10 Most Popular Shapes for a Rhinoplasty

A nose like the Duchess of Cambridge is the most popular request among patients of plastic surgery clinics, both men and women. However, the Duchess’ profile is not the only standard for those who are determined to change their face. We will tell you whose noses are in trend today and whose are not, and why.


The Duchess of Cambridge sets a lot of fashion and beauty trends, which is why she is adored by many photographers, designers and stylists. Now, plastic surgeons have fallen in love with Prince William’s wife, as well: according to statistics, last year the number of people willing to undergo plastic surgery increased by 15%. One of the most popular surgeries nowadays is rhinoplasty. The most popular nose shape is like the Duchess.

Among plastic surgery patients, you can see men and women alike. A perfectly straight nose, with a 106- degree angle between the forehead and the lips, which is often called “the Duchess” in professional circles, suits both men and women.

A nose like Kate Middleton is the most popular request in a surgeon’s office – Prince William’s wife has left Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez behind.

angelina_jolie_new-boobsAccording to Dr. Julian de Silva, facial cosmetic surgeon at Harley Street, the Duchess’ perfect face inspires many women to change something about their appearance surgically. The doctor says Kate is a very beautiful woman, and this is probably the main reason why rhinoplasty is at the peak of popularity now.

Rhinoplasty is the most popular procedure in facial plastics, but it is also among the most complex ones. It requires the surgeon being not only technically good, but also having a certain artistic vision of the final result, because each patient’s face is unique, and everyone has his or her own ideas of beauty.

A girl may desperately want a nose like her favorite celebrity, but, coming into the surgeon’s office, she can hear that this shape will not suit her.

It is important to understand that, when you decide on rhinoplasty, you can draw inspiration from the pictures of celebrities, but the final decision should be taken with the focus on yourself. And for this, you need to clearly determine your initial parameters and then select the appropriate option for you. Let us consider the 10 most common nose shapes and find out whether they need correction.

The Duchess


Perfectly straight, this shape is considered the standard of a beautiful nose. Well suited for both women and men, “the Duchess” is the most popular request at a surgeon’s office. The owners of such noses are traditionally considered spontaneous and creative people.

Expert’s commentary: This is the Gold Standard. If you happened to be born with this nose shape, you must accept that there is nothing to improve about it.

Greek nose

natalie-portmanLike “the Duchess”, this nose shape is perfectly straight, but there is no pronounced “button” on the tip. Such nose shape is quite common in models.

Expert’s commentary: a distinctive feature of a Greek nose is a long and very elegant bridge. The second most popular shape that patients wish for.

Roman nose

Anne-HathawayThis form is characterized by a distinctive nose bridge, which can be either curved or slightly bent forward, and the tip is slightly beveled towards the bottom. Looks great on a man’s face.

Tom-Cruise-Mission-ImpExpert‘s commentary: a high prominent bridge will give a person’s look some courage and severity. This nose shape does not look very natural on a woman’s face, so many want to correct it with rhinoplasty. The main problem after surgery is to make sure that the new nose (which, obviously, will be much smaller) will be able to breathe freely and easily. The best way is to use a tissue graft and then straighten the septum – this will let you breathe more easily and look more beautiful.

Aquiline nose

Paris-Hilton-This is the classic nose shape, with slightly enlarged nostrils. A straight profile and a proportional tip – neither too big nor too small – give the aquiline nose’s owner a noble and aristocratic look.

Expert’s commentary: most often, it is men who ask for an aquiline nose. A feature of male rhinoplasty is that the surgeon must avoid anything that might give the future nose femininity – for example, a concave bridge or an upturned tip. In this case, an aquiline nose is the perfect option.

A bulbous tip nose

This shape is characterized by a straight profile, but slightly extended nostrils at the tip, often disproportionate to other facial features.

Expert’s commentary: the basic complaint of patients with this nose shape is an overly broad tip. The most iconic example is Angelina Jolie’s nose. Doctors slightly narrowed its broad tip, and the result is beyond praise.

The main problem with this shape after a surgery is to maintain the natural anatomy of the nose to provide long-term results and avoid another surgery.

In the past, rhinoplasty often led to problems with breathing, and the owner lost his or her beautiful nose shape. Half of all patients are victims of unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

A hooked nose

Large nostrils and a drooping tip – this shape often requires surgery.

Expert’s commentary: the most striking example of a hooked nose is Prince Philip. He is a good-looking man, but his nose clearly fails to emphasize his natural handsomeness. Often, when the owners of hooked noses smile, the tip of the nose droops even more, which also spoils the whole picture.

The aim of a surgical intervention is to loosen one of the nasal muscles, which will not let the tip droop. The surgeon then gently lifts the tip of the nose to give it a straight and elegant shape. It is important not to overdo it; otherwise you can get a pig’s snout.

Snub nose

A very nice nose shape, which is distinguished by a slightly concave bridge and a snub, protruding tip.

Expert’s commentary: a slightly concave nose bridge is called a supratip break in medical science – this feature definitely adds femininity and softness to your image.

But, despite the fact that many consider such a nose very cute, many patients are striving to get rid of it. After all, not everyone wants to be cute. Mostly men want to get rid of the “cute defect” to give their face masculinity and power.

Nubian nose

rihannaA long nose with wide nostrils, the tip of which points downwards.

beyonceExpert’s commentary: most often, this shape is found among the representatives of small ethnic groups. Patients ask to narrow their nostrils, and that entails additional difficulties for the surgeon – first, to hide the scars, and, secondly – not to overdo it with narrowing.

Hawk nose

SJP-sarah-jessica-parker-The name speaks for itself. A small hump and a sharp tip – this shape is very reminiscent of the bird’s beak.

Expert’s commentary: usually, neither women nor men like this nose shape, so both turn to a plastic surgeon in this case. The softening of the nose bridge line significantly refines the face and visibly evens out the proportions.

A snout nose

The tip of the nose is so upturned that others can see the person’s nostrils.


Expert’s commentary: It is very difficult to correct. Such surgery requires nose lengthening, which is one of the most difficult procedures in rhinoplasty. This will require complex grafts and no less complex technologies. A striking example is Victoria Beckham’s nose. Rhinoplasty helped to make her nose thinner and sleeker, but the celebrity wisely refused to take risks associated with extending the upper part of her nose, which is naturally short. She chose to offset this disadvantage, slightly tilting her head down while posing.

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