This YSL Gadget Creates Any Lipstick Shade You Want

Modern technologies are changing our lives literally before our eyes – and are actively penetrating the beauty industry as well. Beauty devices for skincare that can replace going to a beautician are no longer surprising. How about a gadget that creates a unique lipstick shade just for you? Meet Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso (what a name!).

The latest device that will revolutionize your makeup experience. It is able to create a lipstick shade according to your request in a chosen color scheme – red, nude, red, or fuchsia.

To do this, insert 3 capsules of the corresponding shades with the YSL Beauty Velvet Cream Matte Finish texture into the device and set the desired parameters.

As a result, you will receive a color that you will not find in the store. The device can autonomously choose the appropriate shade for your image – or copy the color from the provided photo. It works using Bluetooth technology.

However, such a beauty robot has its own limitations. First, it only works on YSL lipstick capsules – others won’t work. Secondly, it does not mix shades from different color schemes – if you try to do this, it simply will not work.

Yet, you can’t just buy it in the store! You can pre-order it for $299, and the device will come to you sometime in early spring. A set of replaceable capsules will cost the owners of the new beauty gadget $100.

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