Top Manicure Trend: Velvet Nails

The imitation of velvet was popular in the 2010s. However, having returned it to the present time, we revised the materials from which you can “reconstruct” the old new trend and get velvet nails.

Previously, it was possible to get closer to the effect of a corduroy suit by using a homemade kit with pieces of nap and a top for nails – the design is weak and unsuitable for everyday life. Welcome to our days, when a similar effect can be repeated without fear of losing part of the nail art!

Today, manicure artists create fabric imitations using metal glitters, magnetic varnishes, and special acrylic powders to produce a corduroy effect. The choice sometimes depends only on the lighting.

During the New Year holidays, green has become the most popular nail color, apparently aiming to mimic a festive tree.

velvet nails - pinterestAnother popular idea is to alternate velvet with foil on the nails and threads to match the sweater.

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