5 Smart Period Devices

These gadgets can greatly facilitate your life during the period. It’s amazing how much money has been invested in simplifying women’s existence during these days! By the way, some of these gadgets are also eco-friendly and do not pollute nature, as pads and tampons do.

“Clever” menstrual Looncup bowl

The collection of money for completion and launching of the “smart” menstrual Looncup bowl (a 25 ml bottle, which weighs 19 g and runs on a battery up to 6 months) ended on Kickstarter not so long ago. The bowl is synchronized with the smartphone or Apple Watch and signals that it’s time to change it. The application works as a monthly calendar, warning in advance about the beginning of the cycle, ovulation, etc. The usual menstrual bowls have been used for a long time – they are made of hypoallergenic medical silicone, which excludes the possibility of a toxic shock. Models capable of analyzing blood for hemoglobin, sugar, and cholesterol are being developed now.

Flex disk for “pure” sex

An elastic hypoallergenic disk that covers the cervix, blocking menstrual blood. It can be worn up to 12 hours. The perimeter of the device itself is adjusted to the perimeter of the cervix, so the partner does not feel it. (It is not a contraceptive!)

Thinx period panties

Usual neat black panties hold a volume of moisture comparable to the capacity of two tampons. The panties can be washed, which means they are more environmentally friendly than such intimate hygiene products as tampons and pads. Depending on the intensity of menstruation, Thinx offers models for different period days.

Beppy sponge tampons

You will be surprised, but there are women who use a sea sponge as a tampon. We are not so close to nature, so we developed modern hypoallergenic synthetic sponge tampons. They take the right shape inside the body, absorb the liquid better and can be worn for up to eight hours (including at night). The sponge is so flexible that it allows you to exercise, go to the sauna, and swim without any unpleasant sensations. Producers argue that such a tampon can be used even if you are planning an intimate relationship.

Anesthetic Livia gadget

Livia is a gadget, which was originally launched and produced for the money collected by the whole world. The startup required 50 thousand dollars. 250,000 were collected. The system is simple: a small sensor, similar to iPod-mini, and two electrodes, which are attached to the body just below the navel – to the right and to the left. It works according to the physiological principle. The sensor sends hardly noticeable impulses through the electrodes, causing a light reaction of the nerve endings. Since the nerve endings are busy, they cannot transmit pain signals to the brain, and you no longer feel the pain. At the moment, the device has passed all the tests and received the EMC Safety Mark certificate.

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