Summer 2019 Shoe Buying Guide

Fashionable wrap dresses, wild animal prints and spandex bike shorts are set to make waves this summer. The shorter the skirts are, the more attractive the shoes need to be, but leave your peep-toe booties in the closet this season. The latest open-toe sandals have arrived with strapped wedges and Birkenstock Eva sandals dominating the beaches and the office. Here’s your shoe buying guide for the summer of 2019’s hottest trends.

The Wedges Women Will Be Wearing This Summer

Bring out your inner gladiator with this summer’s most stylish straps. Whether crisscross, double or single, nothing says it better than captivating straps connected to big soles that boost your stature. This summer’s wedge sandals are both well-matched and comfortable for at-work wear with business-casual or professional attire.

Pairing comfortable wedges with a skirt and blazer adds some pizzazz for the office. If you’re stuck inside working on a bright sunny day, perk up with gladiator straps made from your favorite material and a chunky sole. When it’s quitting time, throw on a sexy wrap dress and the strap sandals transform appropriately for a passionate date or a chic happy-hour scene.

Wedge sandals have become more than a convenient way to quickly slip on some shoes before darting out the door. Many are now designed with cushioned insoles and provide anatomical support for walking, and they come in trendy styles and ladies’ sizes for 2019.

Sandals for Summer 2019

Sticking with the classics, Birkenstock released this summer’s models. Reviewers are already raving about how light Birkenstock Eva sandals feel on their feet. EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is a lightweight, flexible plastic material that’s both waterproof and resistant to UV radiation. For anyone planning on having an active summer, this may be the most versatile sandal you can find.

Birkenstocks are designed with premium quality in mind. If you’re hesitant to wear plastic sandals during a hot sticky day, take comfort in knowing that Birkenstock’s Eva sandals are made from odor-neutral material. They won’t stick to your feet and cause odors since the material is breathable. Eva sandals are great for anyone who wants a highly adaptable shoe for the beach, fireworks at the park or recreational fun.

Birkenstock’s Eva sandals are feet-friendly when taking long summer walks. They’re made with an ergonomic footbed that’s been designed to adjust to your unique foot shape. The heel is sturdy and also provides positive arch support. Your feet can comfortably pound these sandals all summer long while you walk through park trails, climb sand dunes at the beach or shop on your favorite city’s sidewalks.

Since Birkenstock’s Eva sandals are waterproof, they can be very easily cared for. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will keep them soil-free and ready for your next outing. Birkenstock sandals are available in a variety of styles and colors to fit all personality types. Finding your most flattering model will show you why this unique shoe brand has stayed in demand since 1774.

Ready To Go Anywhere

Wedges for women are now designed to be worn safely in all settings and the Birkenstock line has evolved far beyond its reputation as the sandal-maker for hippies. Armed with at least one pair of each, you’ll be ready to go at this summer in full force and in stylish comfort.