Avoid to Wear: 5 Absolutely Old-Fashioned Styles of T-Shirts

Weird fabrics, funny prints, or too small sizes… It seems that there is at least one clothing item like that in any wardrobe. What T-shirts are no longer in vogue? What T-shirts should not be worn in public? Read our style tips below!

One size smaller

We’re not talking about oversized fashion now, but just about very small T-shirts that we all used to wear at least ten years ago. They completely fit the figure (and sometimes it even seems that you cannot raise your arms without damaging the thing). We replace such T-shirts with a larger model: there should be air between you and the clothes.

Made from fine fabrics

The T-shirt from the previous paragraph will most likely be made of fine stretch fabric. Models made of dense fabrics have been relevant for a few seasons: such a T-shirt keeps to its shape better and creates the correct volume.

With funny inscriptions

“The sweetest girl”, “The queen” and other inscriptions hinting at the owner’s sense of humor should be worn only under a sweater or instead of pajamas, as the stylists advise.

By the way, the language of the inscription will hardly change anything – funny phrases in foreign languages have also moved aside. But it seems that this trend is the most uncertain, and no one can guarantee that all the influencers will not get T-shirts with “I told you!” words in a couple of months (yet, there are no prerequisites so far).

It is difficult to find a replacement for such a T-shirt: clever phrases without humor, for example, are not trendy as well. But if you reduce the size of the letters a little and make them not the main element, you can make up a modern image.

With a cartoon print

Such T-shirts are admired no less than skinny ones: they can be found not only in women’s wardrobes but also on the shelves of the most popular stores. The stylists insist: it’s not even worth wearing clothes with smiling mice, cats, and dogs at home (even the most recognizable ones). Still, everyone has a character that you cannot resist when you put on a T-shirt with such a print.

We offer a compromise: cartoon characters have greatly decreased in size on current T-shirts and moved to the chest pocket. Pay attention to oversized hoodies and sweatshirts – these are funny drawings that are relevant now.

With flower prints

Flower prints are in trend only if we are talking about light summer dresses. Stylists advise to take T-shirts with all sorts of flowers for recycling: they make the image irrelevant and can easily visually add age to their owner.

This anti-trend can be replaced with plain color T-shirts without prints. We agree that they are not very relevant, but they are also much easier to combine. You can also choose a tie-dye print (though it’s hard to say how relevant it will be).

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