Colgate Connect E1 Smart E-Toothbrush

The developers of electric toothbrushes have been trying to improve the devices for more comfortable and healthy tooth cleaning for several years in a row. Meanwhile, numerous smart toothbrushes from different manufacturers had one significant drawback: a high price. However, Colgate is now entering the market with a new smart-brush that uses artificial intelligence and retails for up to $70. In addition to the low price, the brush will be able to provide the owner with recommendations for more efficient cleaning of the oral cavity.

The external design of the new device is a little different from the previous smart model Colgate Connect E1, which, meanwhile, was more expensive and lacking the ability to provide personal recommendations. The new toothbrush has several sensors: a gyroscope that detects the position of the brush inside the mouth and an accelerometer that helps to determine the speed and overall movement of the hand. The joint work of the sensors makes it possible to track the tooth cleaning parameters. The brush also uses autonomous synchronization, which allows the user not to take the smartphone to the bathroom.

A special application installed on a smartphone analyzes the data from the toothbrush sensors and issues recommendations for improving the efficiency of the hygienic procedure. Switching on the function “Controlled Dental Cleaning”, the user receives recommendations directly during tooth brushing about the need to pay more attention to the specific area of the tooth surface and even about the optimal angle of the brush to the plane of the tooth is cleaned. According to the developers’ statement, the new toothbrush could be integrated into the Apple Health ecosystem.

However, the Colgate smart brush is not only about health. The novelty encourages the user to thoroughly clean the teeth by crediting bonus points for future purchases of the company’s products. In order to obtain two replacement nozzles for free at the Colgate brand store, the user must receive 999 points.

Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush with artificial intelligence will be on the market for $49 with batteries and $69 with rechargeable cells.

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