3 Tips from San Diego’s Top Hair Extensions Stylist – Synthetic vs Real

The irony of life sometimes is, those that have short hair want long hair and vice versa. And the beauty about this is everyone can have exactly what they want, and you can grow your hair 10 inches overnight. We don’t mean literally, but what we do mean is by adding to your locks.

This is what the advent of hair extensions has introduced to society. This invention has been hilariously popular throughout the world and still going strong. Some new and improved innovations have come up that the options alone can make one’s head spin. Luckily, we’re here to help you out.

Let’s get the basics out of the way, shall we?

The difference Between the Two Popular Materials Used

There are two different types of common materials used to manufacture these, namely, synthetic, and real. The way to tell the difference is to burn a strand out of a wig, with a match. Human hair burns gradually giving off a precise odor, while the ones made from synthetic hair will either scrunch up and melt or dowse.

1. Human Hair Has a More Realistic Look

It appears to be more hard-wearing especially because of the similar manner in which we can treat these extensions, their styling and maintenance requirements are just like our own. You can blow dry it, use hot irons on it to straighten or curl it and it will not spoil or get damaged. Plus, you can tailor it according to your personal preference by adding color or highlights that will show easier than the synthetic kinds. The downside is that just like normal hair it also reacts to different weather conditions and may get frizzy.

2. Artificial Hair Is More Durable

Especially the ones that are manufactured from modacrylic fibers are a lot more durable than other materials. It is a modified version of acrylic and is less expensive, and non-flammable as well. These do not fade or oxidize as real hair does, plus they are much more susceptive to heat, absorbency, elasticity, and resilience. The colors you get on the market are of a wider range, and contain both highlights and low lights, and tend to be more solid hues. Sometimes it can be too shiny that it does not look natural and traditional hair color will not work on them.

3. Extensions Come in A Range of Different Options

These full-head additions or individual ones too range from clip-on hair pieces such as for the front, top of back, like bangs (fringe), ponytails, chignons, and simple extensions, to a more extravagant category available within salons such as San Diego Hair Extensions by Stephanie Grace where the stylist will attach individual strands of hair delicately and equally, to the head to make sure they look as natural as possible and blend in.

When clients move away from the clip-on hairpieces towards the more advanced version of extensions, they should get it done at the specialist salons that offer this and not try to do it themselves at home or else they may not stay on your hair that long or will look untidy and unnatural as well. Some even have complicated manufacturer’s instructions, using heat applications depending on the one you get and you can easily burn your natural hair or scalp in the process.

Life-Span of These Beauties

What a lot of hairstylists won’t tell you is that not all of them last if you want them to. take the clip-in varieties, these can be clipped in and out in 4 seconds. So, the life span of these will depend on you. Also, any other kind will need a lot of personal TLC, which means washing them gently, drying them gently, and not fiddling around with them, especially when they are sewn in or glued in your hair.

So, the life span will ultimately depend on how well you look after it. Even things such as going out in the sun and wearing hats or caps can affect this artificial hair, rendering them useless after just a couple of days. If you’re worried about how the transformation will look, you can do it gradually in stages, start with a few then go for your full head after a few weeks of getting used to what you have.

The basic idea is to make it look natural so perhaps give yourself some adjustment time before you go for round two. Ultimately, they all look good and users have been enjoying them so far.

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