A Diamond-Wrought Weather Station to Give You Expensive Information

Not that a weather station is such a must-have for every home, what with the possibility to get the necessary weather information online, but there’s an idea that one of these as a cool diamond gadget covered in Swarovski Crystals (and priced at $139) may make an irresistible addition to your collection of adornments. For those who have a liking for glittering things it will certainly be the eye-catcher of your room.

Diamond Weather Station
The gadget does everything you expect from a weather station: at the wave of your hand it will tell you the time and the indoor/outdoor temperature; the crystals will give you the forecast for the day. They are designed not in words but in symbols. The atomic clock is highly dependable and set to adjust itself automatically for daylight saving time. Actually the diamond weather station isn’t out at present, so those who felt like getting one will have to wait a while.

Source of the image: coolest-gadgets.com.

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