Diamond Chart for Those Buying Diamonds

When you plan to buy a diamond, you must know what kind of diamond you are going to buy! Just like people understand gold and silver, there is little awareness about diamonds. Diamonds come in several shapes and designs which are referred to as the “cuts”. This infers that when you would visit any nearby shop, it is easy for you to find an ideal diamond peace with much ease. Even if you ask the seller to show you the best-cut diamond in the market, he or she is going to show you the number of pieces available at his store. This is because their first aim is to make the sale right and secondly there a number of varieties available among different types of diamonds. When these are being shown to the customer, he makes purchases according to their choices and spending levels.

Well, it is the time to understand the diamond cuts, shapes, and sizes through diamond chart.

A diamond chart is nothing but a segregated amalgamation of various quality diamond pieces which is based on their cut. Now before we start discussing the diamond chart, it is important for our readers to learn that “diamond cut” doesn’t refer to its shape only. Instead- it means the optimal balance of the proportional weight, symmetry and its polish. So here is our diamond chart to make you understand that how the diamonds are graded:

The Ideal Diamond

It has an incredible sparkle to enchant the buyers. The most superior quality of diamond which is able to reflect all the light that enters it through the top, it is one like none. The ideal cut diamonds are perfectly symmetrical and have been polished keeping excellent standards in consideration.

Very Good Diamonds

This category of diamonds is just close to ideal ones when it comes to their brightness and sparkle. These diamonds attain symmetrical balance which is close to perfection while their polish is also of high quality. They reflect maximum light that enters through the top beam.

Good Diamonds

These are the most commonly found diamonds that are easily available for purchase at cheaper prices. They also display a significant amount of sparkle along with sufficient polish and adequate symmetrical balance. They reflect a fair amount of light that enters and thus their brightness is relevant.

Poor diamonds

Poor diamonds can easily be recognized. One should be really vigilant while buying these. Such diamonds do come with a good amount of sparkle and luster. They have unsatisfactory levels of polish and symmetry. Their appearances will telltale their grade.

This information about the diamond chart must help many new buyers who look forward to gifting a piece of diamond set to their loved ones. Especially the younger people, who do not have sufficient buying knowledge of diamond, must demand to know the statistics of the diamond piece at the shop. The prices of diamond are based on the 4 Cs which are- Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat.

You will be surprised to learn that against the popular notion, it is not the carat of the diamond which is responsible for its higher price (unlike gold), it is the finesse in its cut which makes it more superior than others.

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