Hint, Hint: How to Hint at the Engagement Ring You Really Want

The adage is that an engagement ring should cost three months worth of our salary. However, for most Americans, the reality is more like two weeks worth.

Will you be able to get your dream diamond engagement ring on a budget of two weeks? If not, you are going to have to do some serious hinting.

It’s tacky to outright ask for the ring you want, but you need to give the love of your life some guidance. Use these tips to ensure you get the ring you want.

Leave Digital Notes

If you share a computer, this is your perfect opportunity to “accidentally” leave a webpage open to your favorite jeweler or a ring that you love. Then when your significant other goes to use the computer, they will find your hint.

You could like or share rings that you think are beautiful on Facebook. Or you could create a new board on Pinterest.

Use Visuals

Some people do much better with visuals than words. This is especially true if they aren’t well versed on jewelry.

You could share your favorite Instagram accounts. You could comment on your friends ring after they show it to you and your partner.

A less subtle hint would be to tear out magazine pages of rings that you think are beautiful. This method may be more direct but works well for the person who doesn’t pick up on hints well.

Another option is to pause and point out rings you think are beautiful when you two pass a store. It only takes a second, and they will have a clear picture of what you like.

Focus on the Elements

Instead of trying to hint at an entire ring design, focus on the individual elements that are important to you. You could have a conversation about the type of metal you prefer.

Let’s say you two are getting ready for a date and you are putting on jewelry. Now is the perfect time to mention that gold compliments your skin while silver looks dull.

You could hint at the shape of the stone you prefer. This is one element that most people notice right away after they get over the initial sparkle.
You could comment on the shape of a current ring you own. Or you could mention a celebrity’s new rock.

Finally, while everyone assumes that engagement rings should be diamonds, they don’t have to be. If you are a non-traditional girl, you need to hint at the stone you would prefer.

You also need to hint to your partner that you are ok with fake engagement rings. These stones will fool almost anyone, are affordable, and are perfect for wearing while traveling.

Get Your Dream Diamond Engagement Ring

Use these tips, and you can look forward to getting the diamond engagement ring of your dreams. Just remember to act surprised when the love of your life finally does pop the question.

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