Butterfly Clocks Designed by Susanne Philippson

Butterflies exert so many beautiful colors of life. Butterflies are timeless and yet another stylish gadget has been designed by Susanne Philippson known as Butterfly Clock.

Butterfly Clock

This Butterfly clock has an outstanding design and a thought completely out of the box. Yes, you would not see the butterflies resting in this clock, but they are breaking away and flying in different directions. This gadget is crafted from 100% lacquered metal. You would see the delicate butterflies breaking away from the metal circular cage.

Pink Butterfly Clock

The butterfly clock is available in the hues of black, soft white, hot and delicate pink, dusky blue, copper brown, creamy green and lavender. The colors look completely cold but the beautiful butterflies bring ample of life to the gadget.

Orange Butterfly Clock

Looking at the butterfly clock, you will simply see the time swiftly fly away.

Black Butterfly Clock

Source of the images: stylehive.com.

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